Speaker Date Topic
Ralph Simpson Aug 29, 2017
The History & technology of the Enigma Cipher Machine
The History & technology of the Enigma Cipher Machine
Ralph Simpson retired veteran of the technology industry who has developed a keen interest and expertise in the history of cryptography and code-breaking. He is the owner of many examples of the devices used for creating and reading codes throughout history, including an extremely rare original Nazi Enigma machine. The full spectrum of his work is demonstrated at www.ciphermachines.com.
Ralph Simpson of ciphermachines.com presents a fascinating overview of the German “Enigma” cipher machine and its historical significance and role in the outcome in WW2, especially the Allied efforts in breaking the code. He demonstrates use of the machine on one of the very few surviving Enigma units in the world, including changing of the daily keys and the operational procedures used by the Nazis.  The breaking of the Enigma code played an enormous role in the successful D-Day invasion of Europe, as described in the incredible book, “Bodyguard of Lies” (https://www.amazon.com/Bodyguard-Lies-Extraordinary-Story-Behind/dp/1599213834)
Maha Elgenaida Sep 05, 2017
Understanding American Muslims
Maha ElGenaidi, President and CEO, Islamic Network Group:"Understanding Islam in America 

Perhaps no community has been more misunderstood and even demonized in recent years in the United States than Islam. At a time when this community is developing a stronger political voice, prejudice and fear work together to keep it at the margins of acceptance in the broader American social landscape. Why is this happening? And how much have fundamentalists compromised the image of Islam around the world? Maha ElGenaidi will address these and other pressing questions in the second part of a series on the Middle East. 
Brad Boardman Sep 12, 2017
Autism-past, present, future
Autism-past, present, future

Brad Boardman’s career path was re-routed in 1995 when a friend asked him to be a substitute teacher at Morgan Autism Center. Once he discovered the close community at MAC, the wonderful personalities of the students and clients, and the friendly staff, it became clear that he needed to go back to school (again) for a special education credential.

Brad has a degree in English from California Polytechnic University, San Luis Obispo and holds both a single subject credential and a moderate-severe education specialist credential. Brad has conducted numerous trainings for educators, parents, and law enforcement. He has also been active in facilitating our Reverse Mainstreaming Program, working with the local schools to bring their students onto our campus.

Specific interests and trainings related to autism include curriculum development, reading skills, social stories, encouraging participation through student interests, strategies for behavior management, the autism learning style and implementation of the Morgan Autism Center model across diverse settings.