Documentary Filmmaking
Oct 10, 2023
Kyle Santoro
Documentary Filmmaking

A junior at Los Gatos High School, Kyle is a creative imagemaker from the Bay Area. Growing up in Taiwan in a family of artists, with a dad who was a stage director and world music producer, he saw large scale global music productions from the other side, backstage in the wings of stages in San Francisco, Taiwan, and China. As a biracial teen, Kyle already sees and embodies two completely different worlds – one in English, the other in Chinese. “I see things neither side sees,” he admits. “Both sides really do not cross, but I do cross because I grew up in Taiwan and the US. And that’s what I want to share with the world -- these fascinating insider stories.” Kyle uses filmmaking to tie together “worlds” that often do not cross, putting raw energy that viewers can feel into his shots.

Kyle’s passion for filmmaking ignited in July 2021 when he filmed a 2 minute short about the homeless on the back streets and hidden alleys of San Francisco. By mid-sophomore year, Kyle started his own film production company, LC2 Productions.

He is currently working on a “Fentanyl High” documentary about the dangers of fentanyl poisoning for teens. Interacting with so many different kinds of people, including the diverse communities here in South Bay, now makes him fascinated by cultural anthropology, a field he hopes to study in college.