Love the Skin You're In
Oct 31, 2017
Brie Mathers
Love the Skin You're In

In our connected age, adolescent girls are confronted daily with media idealizations about what it is to be a woman that are limiting and frequently hazardous to their health. Studies show that many  young women would rather be called "sexy" than “smart."  This leaves them at a disadvantage in the journey to becoming leaders of a better world, a loss that affects all of us. Love the Skin You’re In is a transformative presentation that invites young women to question the socioeconomic underpinnings of how they are falsely represented, inspiring them to reinvent inclusive beauty notions and remember the value of self worth, empathy, and community.

Since graduating from McGill University in Women’s Studies and Humanistic Studies with Distinction, Brie has spoken to 100,000 teen girls worldwide with her multi-media event Love the Skin You’re In. Inspiring young women to find compassion within themselves and for one another, and to lead a new conversation about their bodies and beings, she conducts connective school-wide body image events about media literacy, mindfulness, and partnership.
Brie speaks regularly at the Franchise for Humanity Conference at Stanford University’s Global Innovation Summit and has collaborated with National Youth Week New Zealand, Bay Area TEDx, University of Rochester Medical Center, YWCA, and Center for Partnership Studies. Her work has been featured in The Toronto Star, The San Jose Mercury News, and Coastal Living Magazine. Author of Freedom to Blossom, Brie wakes up in Muskoka, Ontario, Canada inspired by the teen social media activists that form her core team.
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