Interact Club Auction
Mar 27, 2018
Los Gatos High School Students
Interact Club Auction

Our club sponsors an Interact club at the Los Gatos High School. The club organization is very similar to a Rotary club and Interact activities are similar to what we do - participate in community service projects, complete projects of their own, schedule social events, and conduct fund raising events.

A very important fund raiser for the Interact club is the annual auction they conduct at one of our Tuesday lunches. A team of 5/6 Interactors bring multiple items to the lunch and auction them off to our members. All of the items on offer have been made by the students and include baked goods, art work, ceramics, gift baskets and more. The students are the auctioneers. Our members typically make very generous bids and the proceeds of the event make a significant contribution to the Interact club's budget.

Member Tina Orsi-Hartigan is our club's liaison with the Interactors and will be the emcee for this event. Tina will be assisted by LGHS teacher Tonya McQuade.