IBM Watson- Ethics & bias in the Era of Cognitive Systems
Mar 05, 2019
Sandeep Gopisetty, IBM director and engineer
IBM Watson- Ethics & bias in the Era of Cognitive Systems

Sandeep Gopisetty, son of a former Rotarian, is an IBM Distinguished Engineer, Director of AI, Systems & Solutions Research, and developing an IBM Services Strategy with over 25 years of IBM Research experience. Sandeep has a passion for nurturing high performance, global, multidisciplinary teams to bring innovation from Research to the market in collaboration with product groups, services, customers, and universities. As an IBM Research Executive, I build a shared vision across my organization to drive change through the novel use of technology to improve organizational transformation, performance, and profitability.

He has broad research portfolio that has focused on enterprise-class technologies, solutions, and services in mobile, analytics, machine learning, internet of things, human computer interaction, storage and systems management, and image recognition. This work has resulted in multi-billion dollar improvements in IBM products and services.

Sandeep is currently focused on interdisciplinary strategy across multiple IBM Business Units redefining their strategy towards optimizing labor and capital costs in strategic outsourcing, sales, streamlining Watson Health, and managing service objectives across ubiquitous platforms, and securing IoT device data. The research discovers and leverages advancements in analytics, artificial intelligence, and human computer interaction.