Vehicle autonomy & robotics everywhere
Mar 12, 2019
Doug Brent, Retired VP Technology Innovation
Vehicle autonomy & robotics everywhere
Doug Brent just retired as Vice President of Technology Innovation at Trimble, and remains CTO Emeritus there. In that role, he lead technology strategy, and catalyzed collaboration and innovation. Focal projects include augmented reality, software re-platforming and autonomy components/solutions.

Doug has a career of management and leadership in Silicon Valley – as VP of Engineering of several startups including Whistle Communications and Packet Design, as a general manager at IBM and in product development at Apple. Doug also served as COO at the international Internet governance organization ICANN from 2006 to 2010, and serves on the advisory board of Piaggio Fast Forward (focusing on new forms of mobility).
Vehicle autonomy, and robotics everywhere
While the timelines are uncertain, self-driving consumer vehicles are a certainty, and this innovation will significantly impact society in terms of  traffic, commuting, car ownership and employment. And, this idea of vehicle autonomy is not new. We’ll take a look at the extensive deployment of self-guided vehicles in agriculture and construction today and the impact that these technologies have already had. Along the way, we’ll take a brief look at how all of this technology works.