Boom, Bubble or Bust? - The Silicon Valley Real Estate Cycle
Nov 26, 2019
Larry Stone, SCC Tax Assessor
Boom, Bubble or Bust? - The Silicon Valley Real Estate Cycle

Has the Silicon Valley “boom” peaked?  What’s ahead?  More smooth sailing or choppy waters

Assessor Larry Stone will discuss the current status and trends of Silicon Valley’s real estate markets from office, industrial and retail, to single-family and apartment homes.  He will also comment on key economic indicators and the most fascinating generation to date, the Millennials.

A real estate investor and developer by profession, Stone has served as the elected Assessor for 24 years and has been re-elected by large majorities seven times.  His constituency is larger than the governors of 13 states.  Previously, Stone served 16 years as a city councilmember, including two terms as the Mayor of Sunnyvale.  Delivering over 60 speeches a year on subjects ranging from the economy and public pension reform to performance management in the public sector,  Stone continues to be a highly sought-after speaker entertaining and educating audiences from 50 to 5,000.  Additionally, he has also been an active and effective civic leader in many fields from education, to the environment and to the arts, including an impressive personal art collection.

A native of Seattle, he has an MBA from the University of Washington, and has studied at the Institute of Politics at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government.  He and his wife, Carmen, have lived in Sunnyvale since 1970, where they raised three sons.

Named one of Silicon Valley’s 100 most powerful leaders by San Jose Magazine, Assessor Stone has been recognized locally and nationally.  Pulitzer Prize winning author and Washington Post reporter, Haynes Johnson, described Stone in his bestselling book, Sleepwalking Through History, as “bright, articulate; an American rarity, a proven political success in a time of political failure.”