What is ELC?

The Enterprise Leadership Conference (ELC) is designed to help develop leadership and presentation skills of 96 industrious high school juniors from throughout Silicon Valley. It is an innovative, informative and interactive experience that provides a strong foundation for college business courses. In this comprehensive introduction to developing a business plan, students are challenged to be visionary, creative, analytical, and competitive as they devise viable business opportunities in a team environment.

What is it
  • 96 students (48 young men and 48 young women) segmented into 12, 8-person business leadership teams
  • Representing 30+ high schools in San Jose and Los Gatos
  • 3 days of team building and skill development activities
What do they learn
  • Principles of a competitive business enterprise
  • Essentials of a business plan
  • Requisites of a marketing strategy
  • Elements of business finance
  • Components of Human Resources
What they obtain
  • Self confidence
  • Leadership skills
  • Team building skills
  • Oral presentation skills
  • New friendships