We had 2 new-member bio presentations, one of the club's most liked programs. First up was Victoria DuPuy. Her mother came from Sacramento via Amtrak for the presentation. She described her life journey, including a background in marketing, advertising and 
psychology. Her current passion is in her non-profit No More Broken Hearts, which promotes heart screening in order to prevent heart failure. She has 2 children and a new blended family. Glad to have Victoria aboard!
Next up was Michelle Meyers-Nelson. She had an unusual and well-received video of her life story, with technical assistance from husband Steve. It showed pictures of her youth in the South Bay, a stint on Wheel of Fortune, many appearances on TV cooking segments, and a catering career. Now that she is retired she enjoys her 2 golden retrievers and looks forward to Rotary activities. She finished with fresh hand made chocolate truffles for all. Welcome Michelle!


  • Dick Konrad is heading up the volunteers for the Rotarian Planter Box the city has given us to maintain at the NW corner of Bachman and Santa Cruz. See Dick to be on the committee and help beautify downtown. There will be a Rotary plaque placed in it.
  • Avis noted it's that time of year to make a Rotary Foundation pledge. The club strives to get 100% participation, and giving level is up to members. Any amount is ok. See Avis to make your pledge, or she WILL see you...haha.
  • President Suzanne announced the Board has found 2 Rotary Funds that have been set up for hurricane relief, and expenditures will be overseen by Rotarians. She will email members with details on how to donate to these funds, and members can do so individually if they choose. At a later point there may be a specific project our club will pass the hat for.
  • Long time active member Eric Eberle was featured on the cover of Los Gatos Living. Congratulations!
  • Los Gatos Rotary is in the running for Non-Profit of the Year locally. See our website for the link on how to vote.
  • Amy Potts demonstrated some great Rotary gear and how to purchase from our website.
  • Wes Sadumiano announced the LG Rotary philanthropic grant given for a water project has been put to use, and a village in the Philippines now has clean water.