Don M. led us in the pledge.

John Pencer announced visitors and guests which included: Larry, a visiting Rotarian from Campbell River, British Columbia; today's speaker and her husband and friend introduced by Suzanne B-G; Heidi of the Firefighters Family Foundation introduced by Dan S.; Don M.'s wife, Beverly; and Hal's wife Lydia.
  • A sophomore from Los Gatos High School briefly spoke of a project regarding sudden oak death that he is doing with a professor at UC Berkeley. The purpose of the project is to provide education on how to prevent a certain disease affecting oak trees in California. The student announced that there will be a project meeting this Saturday and provided a flyer with additional details.
  • Eric B., Scout Liaison for Troop 2, presented the club with a certificate from the troop in recognition of all the support that the club provides.
  • First Thursday will be at Mike and Jen Norcia's home. Bring a bottle of wine.
  • Andrew H. announced a dodge ball tournament for a student wrestling program this weekend. See him for details.
  • Tom B. announced that 182 people have received no- interest KIVA micro loans from our rotary and that the 4th round of loans have been repaid. Tom is seeking additional monies from Rotarians for the 5th round of the program by May 21st. Fifty-two (52) Rotarians are currently participating in this program. 
  • John C. announced that Rotarian, Peter Crandall, passed away this Friday in New Mexico.
  • Mike N. gave a Great Race recap. Approximately 1200 runners participated. This is down slightly from the last two years due to a new competing race on the same Sunday in April in San Jose. There are ideas for how to offset this issue for next year. Due to the race being sanctioned for the first time this year, approximately 250 runners were from the Pacific Association of Runners.  The event grossed approximately $85K. Mike awarded Don M. a gold medal for the fastest time in the over 85 age group. During the race, the town commissioner awarded Andrew H. with a certificate recognizing the 42nd anniversary of the event. Mike also recognized and thanked all of the race team captains by name and noted that 135 people participated in making the race a success. Suzanne B-G showed a video montage recapping the day.
Suzanne B-G introduced our guest speaker, Channy Laux, author of the book, Short Hair Detention. Channy spoke of her early life living in Khmer Rouge-controlled Cambodia.
Andrew H. ended the meeting with an inspirational quote from the book, A Man's Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl.