Colin D. led us in the pledge.
Greg G. announced visitors.
Visiting Rotarians included Stephen G., Los Gatos Living Magazine editor and new member of the club; and a visiting Rotarian from Turkey.
Guests of Rotarians included Mike N.'s wife, Jennifer and mother, Lydia; Dan S.'s. daughters Allison and Elizabeth; and Randy, Ray C.'s son, who has submitted his application to become a member of our club.
Dan S. told a story about the author, Stephen King.

  • Andrew H. thanked those who arranged First Thursday last week and those who organized the Interact Auction at last Tuesday's meeting. Tina announced that the Interact students raised $1845.
  • Mike N. reminded the club that The Great Race is Sunday, April 28th and distributed the first draft of team assignments. Please let Mike know via email if you have any concerns with the assignments. The Great Race Assembly is two week from today at the April 23rd meeting. Andrew H. announced that Amy Potts did a great job with getting the Great Race published in Los Gatos Living Magazine. Stephen G. (magazine publisher) indicated that would not have happened without Amy's initiative. Andrew H. thanked Colin D. and Tom D. for all they have done over the years for Great Race.
  • Andrew H. announced that this month's board meeting will be one week later than usual on April 25th.
  • 20 for 20s included Randy C. for March Madness, Nicholas W. (rang the bell) for his recent trip to Kansas with his family where they ran an annual race for cystic fibrosis in memory of Nicholas's brother, Gary A. ($50) in honor of his trip to Maui with his wife for their 50th wedding anniversary,  and Canan S. (rang the bell) for her son recently becoming a marine.

Mike N. introduced today's speakers, Megan Alpers-Raschefsky and Caitlin Burns, of the Lucile Packard Foundation for Children's Health. Megan and Caitlin spoke of programs and initiatives at the newly opened Lucile Packard Children's Hospital Stanford that are supported by grants like the one received from the Los Gatos Rotary Grants Program.
Andrew H. ended the meeting with an inspirational quote.