This meeting was brought to order by President Mike Norcia at 12:30 PM, on Tuesday the April 11,2023. We had a packed house, delicious food and enthusiasm

Pledge of Allegiance

Led by Erika Buck


Inspiration was from Jeffrey Blum about an article from 2002 ` My Father’s Legacy ‘. It was beautiful lesson about the help extended to others always comes back 10-fold. Specially to people who don’t look like us and don’t speak our language. Diversity and Inclusiveness shows the warmth and character of people.


Anjana Bose, Nicolette Rodman Kelly

Guests at the meeting

  • Kim Valentine guest of Emi Eto
  • Branden Valentine guest of Emi Eto
  • Ron Lykins past president
  • Rich Brious Guest of Art Rabbitz
  • Maris Koyzmenko  
  • Pat Chapel
  • Lydia Rosen guest of Hal Rosen
  • Sergio Michil
  • Ryan Harris guest of Dr Fishman
  • Diane Erikson guest of Gae La Torre


  • President Mike announced that Rise Against Hunger was a great success and 24,000 meals were packed.
  • The first Tuesday at Double Ds was fun as many Rotarians participated and enjoyed the social hour.
  • Emi Eto along with Boy Scouts had coupons for the Jamboree at the meeting. The cost was $10.00.
  • Paul Christensen announced about the Great Race was in 2 weeks, a big fund raiser for the club.  He mentioned that more promotions were needed and had signage, cards that could put on the lawn and windows. The committee who has been working very hard to spread the word urged everyone to join the efforts.

Paul Harris Recognition

Our District Governor Savita Vaidyanathan was excited to give awards and recognize our Paul Harris Donors. We are all proud of your generosity!!! BIG THANK YOU
  • PH +1 Ron Smith
  • PH+1,2,3 
  • David Hubbard
  • PH + 2
  • Linda Lester
  • PH +3 
  • Nava Fahti
  • PH+4 Tom Dodge and Myron Smith
  • PH+6 Andrew Sterns
  • PH+6,7,8 Lisa Cheskin
  • PH+8 John Colwell
Crystal Awards: $10,000 in total contribution.
  • Ron Cassel
  • Marty Fishman
  • Mike Norcia
  • Marlon Smith

Polio Drive

A special message about Polio eradication was given by Martin Fishman. 
Because of Rotary and Partners, 20 million people could walk today who would otherwise be paralyzed. 1.5 million childhood deaths prevented.
He emphasized that it is still ready to erupt and infect the unvaccinated
So, it is important to continue the drive and monitor the outbreaks. The 5-year commitment of 2.6 billion Dollars breaks down Gates Foundation to
1600 million, UAE 131 million, Canada 130 million, USA 114million and Rotary 750 million 2:1 matching Gates.
Andrew Sterns spoke about his valuable experience visiting India,
On a Polio Drive providing vaccines to the children .

Main program

Los Gatos Senior Services Roadmap

Dick Konrad and Tom Picraux gave a detailed presentation on the Los Gatos Senior Services Roadmap. This is a Senior Service Committee to jumpstart the revitalization of the Senior Service in Los Gatos.
The seven goals include Welcoming Facility, Core Services, Older Adult Transportation, Housing options, Communications, Volunteer Opportunities, Governance and Accountability. 
There are several ways of connecting with Senior Services 
Through their core services, Service club gatherings, Senior dance 
Just to name a few. 
HUB Launch Resource Fair May 11th @ 10:00AM-12:00PM
Resource Fair for the Seniors!
Phone number 408 354 1514
The meeting was adjourned at 1.30 pm.