Meeting brought to order at 12:30pm by President Mike Norcia.
Pledge of allegiance led by Paul Christensen
Inspiration was provided by John Pencer.  John shared various inspirational quotes from Rotary International that focused on service and sharing kindness with others.
Guests: Marlon Smith introduced Run Han Wang.
Visiting Rotarians: None


New Members: Martha Sterne and Sergio Michel received their Red Badges from Terri Trotter and Ramon Ware, respectively.
We Care: Dick Konrad has had his hip replaced and is on the mend. Patti van der Burg had her appendix burst while on vacation in London. She is recovering nicely but must extend her trip by two to three weeks because she is now, not allowed to travel.
St Luke’s sent a nice thank you note detailing their continued appreciation for our financial support.  
The next First Tuesday Happy Hour is scheduled for May 2 and will be held at the Old Florentine Village, 42 Central Avenue in Los Gatos from 5:30pm – 7:30pm.
Our May 9 meeting is a service project. We will be making blankets for the Linus Project. Please bring the following supplies if you have them: fabric scissors, rotary cutters, cutting mats, seam rippers and rulers.
Our annal Roast and Toast is scheduled for Tuesday, June 27 from 6:00pm – 9:00pm at Villa Ragusa in downtown Campbell. Ticket sales will begin the second week of May.
Tina Orsi-Hartigan will be receiving the Stan Allen Commitment to We Care Award at the District Conference this Saturday, April 29. Congratulations Tina!
Another week of beautifully decorated eggs from Randy and Kathie!
Paul Christensen gave an update on the Great Race, which is scheduled for this coming Saturday, April 29. Registration is expected to reach between 500-600 entrants. All volunteer slots have been filled but if you would still like to help out, you can show up at Vasona Park on Friday at 4:00pm or Saturday morning at 6:00am.  If you are helping, park gates close at 7:45 am and your vehicle can’t leave until 10:30am.
Suzanne Boxer-Grassman discussed a new Committee that has been formed to create a club Mission to help guide and explain how we spend the money that we raise.
Tina Orsi-Hartigan talked about Rotary’s annual Polio Drive. It is nearing the end but if you would still like to donate you can.  The District has a new Polio Plus Society for those who donate $100+/year until polio is eradicated.

30 for 30

Skip Brewster recently returned from a trip to Mexico where he helped build 2 casitas in 4 days with 21 other folks. He was joined by members of the Los Gatos Morning Club. 
Martha Sterne detailed the success of the Los Gatos High School Robotics Club and thanked us for our continued support of the team. 
Clayton Bruntz’s granddaughter recently ran the Boston Marathon in 3 hours and 30 minutes. He donated $100 to the Great Race in honor of her success.
Sue Heller’s first grandchild was born in Hawaii 17 years ago and she has been traveling there frequently over the years to visit and stay in touch. She is pleased that grandchild is now planning to attend San Jose State University – now she won’t have to travel so far to visit! 


Our program for today was our Interact Auction. This used to be an annual event, but this is the first time it has occurred since 2019. The Interact team from Los Gatos High School is headed by teacher, Tonya McQuade. Tonya and the Interactors auctioned off a number of items including various baked goods and services including babysitting, tutoring and college essay assistance. Pet portraits, a fleece blanket and an Italian style dinner for 4 with wine were also auctioned. The proceeds go to the projects spearheaded by the Interactors.
Meeting closed at 1:30pm by Mike Norcia.