Meeting began at 12:30 called to order by Nicholas

Pledge: Jeffrey Blum
Inspiration: John Pencer: had us stand and do stretches and exercises to the music: Eye of the Tiger.  Perspiration today instead of inspiration.
Tuesday Music Track: Provided by Tina Orsi-Hartigan. Perhaps Love by Placido Domingo and John Denver. This song sums up what she likes about music and the message of love. She sang this song to her husband at their wedding reception.
Thank you to Shir Hadash Staff: Gary Geller, Cindy Weinberg and Diego Mendoza
Visiting Guests: Terri Trotter introduced Toni Wenks; Joanna Yates was introduced by Marlon Smith, Sue Heller by Suzanne Boxer-Gassman and Dr. Erin Hartnett by Nicholas Welzenbach. Please keep inviting new people to be our guests at Rotary.
Member Spotlight: Terri Trotter. Loves the welcoming community, the fellowship and the opportunity to serve that rotary provides.
Gordon Levitt was highlighted as the builder of Marlon Smith’s new free library. Marlon is in need of books to be donated to this community library.

Club Announcements:

  • Eric Eberle: Sept. 14 Bocce tournament at Campo de Bocce. We need 12 volunteers to help direct parking. Please contact Eric if you are available.
  • House of Hope: The club has donated $2500 to this worthy cause
  • August 17 Meeting: Breaking down the club committees and their chairs
  • August 24: Club BBQ, 5-9pm, adults only. Tina Orsi-Hartigan is taking reservations until Aug.17 and is in need of volunteers for the event. No meeting this day.
  • Aug. 31: David Wells will speak on Internet revolution in the entertainment industry.
  • Sept. 7: First Tuesday. Double D’s in Los Gatos from 5:30-7:30pm.
  • St. Luke’s: Still providing food every Thursday for their homeless outreach.
  • Los Gatos Chamber Fun Fest: This Thursday, downtown Los Gatos from 3-9pm.  Come and join the fun. Thanks to Ed Stahl for hosting in front of travel Advisors.
  • Happy Hour: Last Tuesday at the Palms we had 50 people in attendance. Thank you Maddie for arranging this.
  • Santa Maria Ministry: Barbara Fishman thanked everyone for the donations of clothing. They are collecting sleeping bags for the winter months. Also they need volunteers to help at their site, Mon-Fri. Contact Santa Maria directly if you are interested.

Twenty for Twenty:

  • Andrew Howard: $20 for the service of so many in the club to the Los Gatos High School District.
  • John Colwell:  $100 to the Scholarship fund for the fantastic dinner provided by Andrew Stearns and Lynn Perry that was a crab fest auction item two years ago.
  • Don McCleve: for his Alaskan fishing trip and for the birthday singing for the month
  • Nicholas Welzenbach: $20 for the camp that his daughter and her friends participated in. The girls learned how to dive in a swimming pool with scuba equipment and gear.
  • Doug Brent: $20 in gratitude for the good news that his son, after some difficult times, has his first professional job after 2 ½ years.
  • Marty Fishman: $20 for the Netflix movie, My Octopus Teacher, and for seeing an Alaskan Octopus at the aquarium.
  • Mike Frangadakis: $20 for his National Guard unit who were deployed to fight the fires in the state. 
Nicholas shared letters of gratitude from the Girl Scouts of CA for the club donations to their outdoor camps and activities. 

Red Badge Bio

Anjana Bose shared her biography. Born in Mumbai, India, she was the youngest of 6 children. Her family was very caring and nurturing. She learned music and classical dance. Her name represents strength and devotion.
She went to Holy Cross High school, University of Mumbai, and received her Masters in Human resources form Webster University.
She got married and then moved to the United States, first person in her family to travel outside of India. She has been a teacher, accountant, owned and operated a family business and was a technical recruiter. 
She has her husband, two boys, both in college and her beagle named Bagel.
She enjoys cuisines of the world, sports and family events.
Her charity work includes: work in a Shanghai orphanage, taught English to immigrant children in Shanghai, participation in toy drives, fundraisers and bake sales.
Her hobbies are cooking, reading, hiking, meditation and travel.
She joined Rotary to serve.
August 17: Club assembly meeting
Meeting adjourned at 1:28 by Nicholas
On a personal note, thank you to Terri for stepping up at the 11th hour to record the minutes as I had to take care of a family emergency.