The meeting was called to order by President Mike Norcia.
The pledge was led by Ron Cassel.
Inspiration was from Andrew Howard. Andrew told us about a friend from Adventure Guides who woke up every morning and said “Ten fingers, ten toes” it is his way of starting each day with gratitude. He was diagnosed with a serious form of brain cancer but after his treatment he is now out traveling with his family and living his life. Andrew believes his feelings of gratitude helped him in his recovery. He ended with a quote from Zig Ziglar “Gratitude is the healthiest of all human emotions. The more you express gratitude for what you have, the more likely you will have even more to express gratitude for.”


  • Jeffrey Blum introduced Mike Norcia’s guests Stew and Donna Brewster. Stew and Donna have recently moved to Los Gatos. Stew was a member of the SF Rotary.
  • Regina Reilly from Bay Area Housing Corporation
  • Nicolette Kelly guest of Patti van der Burg
  • Stephanie Figeira guest of Patti
  • John and Carolyn McCleve guests of Don McCleve
  • Todd and Jennifer McCleve guests of Don
  • Max Testa from Boy Scouts guest of Emi Eto

Service recap:

Gae La Torre reported that backpack assembly at Pacific Clinic was a big success.
Mike Norcia said athlete screening with the Kyle Taylor Foundation was an amazing. They still need help reading the scans. Please let him know if you can help. There will be another screening for Spring sports.


  • The BBQ is August 23 at Oak Meadow Park begins at 5:00. THERE IS NO LUNCH MEETING THAT DAY. Let Tina know if you can help set up at 4:00.
  • Ron is starting the hard copy roster up again. If you would like an updated picture Ron will take your picture after the meeting. Rami Wazni will be available after the meeting to update your information in club runner, if you need help. 
  • Andrew Howard is organizing a creek clean up on August 27. Meet at 41 Miles Ave., near Balzer Field 9:00. You will need a signed release of liability from the town. Forms will be available Saturday morning. Thank you, Andrew for organizing this event.
  • Save the Date: Rebuilding Together is coming October 22, stay tuned for more details.
  • We honored Don McCleve who will be moving to Bellingham. Newer members know Don as the “Piano Man” who accompanies us every month as we sing Happy Birthday to our members. Don, a retired physician, has been a member for 30 years. During his time with the club, he participated in many activities and committees including: Club Display, Kid’s Fishing Day, Drug Abuse, Vocation & Career Day, International Scholarship, International Student Exchange, Community Service, World Community Service, Public Relations, Fit & Moving, Children’s Halloween Picnic, Invocation, Speech Contest, Programs, and Marketing. 
    • In appreciation for his service to our club, it was announced that Don has been made an Honorary Member. We will miss you Don and wish you all the best in your move to the beautiful Northwest.
  • Gordon Levin spoke about his work with Flying Doctors, which he described as Uber for healthcare providers. He shared pictures of various locations in Mexico, South America, and some U.S. cities. The trips are very short, they arrive Friday and set up, clinics are on Saturday, and they leave on Sunday. It was amazing to see what they can do in such a short amount of time. Most of the work they do is dental, due to the logistics of trying to do other medical work. Our club supports Flying Doctors and the wonderful work they do. 

30 for 30

  • Jeffrey Blum gave in honor of Stew and Donna. He also gave as a thanks to the Roast & Toast committee. Jeffrey came down with Covid at the last minute but everyone stepped up (special mention to Suzanne Boxer-Gassman) and the event was a success. 
  • Avis La Grone shared a flag she brought back from another Rotary club she visited during her travels.
  • Jeffrey Barnett gave in honor of his youngest grandchild starting Montessori preschool and another 30 in honor of the toilet training that goes with it.


Our speaker today was Regina Reilly from Bay Area Housing Corporation. This organization develops and runs housing for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. They have four models for housing that reach different clients. They have 49 different homes; they also help homeowners modify their homes for family members. 
The need is great and we all know about the cost of housing in the Bay Area. On October 12 BAHC will be hosting a fundraising event at Compo de Bocce. The event is held 5:30-10. This is an event with clients. BAHC is all about building bridges and having a meaningful experience with someone who is different than you. Go to for more information or to sign up. Spaces will fill up. 
Next week: Club BBQ, no lunch meeting.