Meeting called to order by President Marty F.
Flag salute and introduction of guests by Randy C.
Visiting Rotarian Dennis from San Jose Rotary
Guests: Vince guest of Mike F., Russel guest of Jack C. and Laura guest of Doug B. 
  • Tina O.H. Thanked everyone for their help at the St. Luke’s brunch. We had a great turnout and the guests really enjoyed the food.
  • Suzanne B.G. mentioned she had attended the membership conference where they discussed the 20 reasons people join Rotary. She inspired us with several quotes about volunteering, including a quote from Dr. Seuss.
  • Michelle has cards for Dom who is in frail health right now. There was also a card for Maddie who just lost her significant other of seven years. 
  • Marty had several announcements
  • Campbell Creek clean up this Saturday. This sponsored by Sen. Jim Beall. Meet at Campbell Park E. Campbell Ave and Gilman Ave. Time is 8:45-11. Equipment provided.
  • Mike F. is taking over finding volunteers to take veterans to the car show on September 14. The time is 10-2, but please come by and help if you can, even if you can only be there an hour. The car show takes places at the VA hospital. Ten volunteers needed.
  • Also, on September 14 is Rise Against Hunger we will be packing meal packages at Los Gatos Methodist Church. We are joining with another Rotary Club, we will need 10 volunteers to set up at 8:30. An additional 30 volunteers will be needed when packing begins at 9:30. Invite your family, friends and colleagues.
  • Rebuilding Together is October 19. Signups to follow.
  • Updated requirements for moving from red badge to blue were posted. See Marty if you have any questions.
  • Don’t forget about the new membership categories. Ask Marty if you have questions. 
  • BBQ next week at Oak Meadow Park 5-8. We saw a video from last year’s event. We could also use help with set up. If you’re available please meet at 4:00.
  • Marty shared Haryl’s letter to regarding his trick for keeping rats out of the garden. Haryl gave $20 for the recognition. 
  • RotaCare is holding a fundraiser at Filoli on September 19. See Marty for tickets.
No lunch meeting next week due to the BBQ. Speaker on September 9 is author Carolina Cocciardi. She will speak on knots in Da Vinci paintings. 
We had a brief presentation about Rotary Youth Exchange. Darlene from the Santa Cruz Sunrise Club gave us some information about the program. We sponsored a student to Taiwan. We were then introduced to a student attending Willow Glen High School from Taiwan. Amos told us about Taiwan. He was asked the difference between high school here and in Taiwan. He said in Taiwan the student has to be quiet in class, here if you have a thought you can say it. 
Our speaker was Nick Kuwada from the Santa Clara County Office of the Census. He spoke to us about why the Census is so important. If you aren’t counted we (state/county) miss out on money for needed services, everything from school lunches to roads. It is also necessary for determining the number of representatives we get in the House of Representatives. California could lose one or more reps if we don’t get an accurate count. He told us about the process that will be used next year. Most of it will be online but there will be follow up by phone, a paper census and then someone will come out to the home. There is also a process to count the homeless and other hard to count populations. How can you help? We were encouraged to apply to work as a numerator, i.e. going to people’s homes to complete the census. Of course, don’t forget to complete your census, they can be completed as early as March 23, 2020 although April is the official month. 
Meeting adjourned.