Meeting began at 12:30 called to order by Mike Norcia
Pledge: Hal Rosen
Inspiration: Judy Rodriguez. It will be our rotary Club’s 100th anniversary. Judy paid tribute to Ray Cobb by reading his reflection about Rotary, This I Believe.
Visiting Guests: Jill Duerig, Judy Wilson, Lydia Rosen, Laura Douglas, District Governor, Savita Vaidhyanathan, and Dessy Bonev.
New Members: Patti introduced new member Nicolette Rodman Kelly, who received her red badge. Marlon presented a badge for new member John Walker, who was absent.
Christmas Parade was a success: Thank you to all who walked and especially to John Pencer for providing his car and Erin Hartnett who wore the crab costume. 
President’s Brunch Thank you to Henry Vitkovich for a wonderful event.
December Happy Hour: Thank you to John and Devonne Pencer for hosting at their beautiful home.

Service Projects: 

Spread the Warmth. District-wide effort. They received lots of donations and most have been given out. We are still able to donate next week, December 20, and they are collecting coats, towels and blankets.
House of Hope: Needs help on Friday, December 16 at 8am for a 60-90 minute shift setting up tables for the food giveaway to the underserved in our community. They will meet at the gym at Calvary Church. You can sign up to help at Setup Team Christmas: Set up for Christmas Event (
Club Rosters: If you have not picked up a club roster they are available at the check in table at the Tuesday meetings. 
Nominating Committee: Suzanne Boxer Gassman. 
Proposed Slate of Officers and Other elected Positions for the Rotary Board of Trustees, 2023-2024
President Elect: Doug Brent
Immediate Past President: Mike Norcia
Vice President: Rachelle Lopp
Secretary: David Hubbard
Assistant Secretary: Terri Trotter
Assistant Treasurer: Jeffrey Barnett
Director: Ramon Ware
Director: Jean-Marc Blanchard
Sergeant-at-Arms: Gregg Butterfield
Investment Committee: Rob Chaykin
Scholarship Committee: Karen Anderson
Election Process: Members have the opportunity to nominate additional people at the election meeting on December 20.
Proposed slate will be posted one week prior to club vote.
The vote will take place on Tuesday, December 20
The nominating committee: Suzanne Boxer-Gassman, Chair, Nicholas Welzenbach, Andrew Stearns, Lisa Cheskin and Doug Brent
Officers/committee members continuing for a second term as per club by laws:
President:  Meghan Burton (automatically moves from President Elect to President)
Treasurer: Patti van der Burg
Assistant Treasurer: Dan Snyder
Director: Paul Johnson
Director: Jeffrey Blum
Director: Kirsten Bridges
Scholarship: Henry Vitkovich and Terri Trotter
Investments: Henry Vitkovich 
Rotary foundation Drive: Marty Fishman. Please give to the foundation to help with all of the charitable activities. Our club contributed 47,000 last year and all time high. This year our goal is 50,000. So far we have raised 24, 435 with 61 donors out of 131 active members.
Rotary Foundation Paul Harris Fellow Award: Avis presented along with Savita.
Jeffrey Barnett, Eric Beckstrom, Jack Chevlen, Kamyar Negari, Barbara Fishman, Russell Couch and David Karwowski. 
Paul Harris plus 1:  David Hubbard, Rachelle Lopp, Maddie Smith and Ron Smith.
Paul Harris plus 3: Linda Lester, Larry Jinks and Nicholas Welzenbach.
Paul Harris plus 4: Suzanne Boxer-Gassman, Tom Dodge and Andrew Howard.
Paul Harris Plus 5: Andrew Stearns
Paul Harris Plus 6: Doug Brent
Paul Harris Plus 7: Doug Brent and Patti van der Burg
Paul Harris Plus 9: Ed Bowen, Ron Cassal, Paul Christensen, John Colwell, Marty Fishman, Tony James, Don Kuehn, Avis La Grone, Mike Norcia, Tina Orsi-Hartigan, Judith Propp, Steve Rice, Julian Rodriguez, Elizabeth Smith and Dan Synder

Program: District Governor D5170, Savita Vaidhyanathan:

Paul Harris organized the first Rotary Club in Chicago in 1905.
The Club, with four members, met in Rotation at the offices of the members-hence the name. Rotarians were invited as consultants at the formation of the United Nations.
2022-23 is a historic year for Rotary: we have our first woman president of Rotary International, Jennifer Jones. 
District 5170 is governed by District governor, supported by 9 areas, (14 Assistant Area Governors), District Administrator, 62 rotary Clubs and 3,800 Rotarians.
Four Priorities set by Rotary International: Rotary’s Strategic Action Plan:
Increase our Impact, Expand Our Reach; Enhance Participant Engagement and Increase Our Ability To Adapt.
Imagine for District 5170: START something new, STOP something that is no longer relevant, SAVE something that is faltering but worth saving and SUSTAIN something that must absolutely continue.
Multi-District Public Awareness Campaign: Invite neighbors to our service projects to support the community. Invite Interactors to help in our service projects and rebuilding projects. Invite the media to promote lifesaving screenings like the heart screening for youth. Add diversity to fundraisers, introduce people to rotary.
Rotary transforms lives so let’s keep working together!
Michelle pulled 9 tickets for the raffle and Mike adjourned the meeting.