President Mike Norcia called the meeting to order at 12:30 and welcomed us to the last meeting of 2022.
Greg Gentile led us in the pledge.
Judy Rodriguez’s inspiration continued her theme for the month of reflection. She told us how our club used to adopt a family and would bring them everything they would need for a happy holiday. She read the story of the Christmas Angel from Michigan. A man named Jack Rose had an extra Christmas tree from his business and he wanted to give it to a deserving family. The response to his ad was overwhelming so he went and bought 40 trees to give away. When other people heard the story they donated too, so the trees had ornaments and there would gifts too. This story made her reflect on what our club had done in the past.
  • Doug Carlen introduced by Meghan Burton
  • Samm Gilbert introduced by Emi Eto
  • Brian Rhea introduced by Rachelle Lopp
  • Ivor Barber introduced by Kirsten Bridges
  • Michelle Strachan introduced by Paul Johnson
  • Lydia Rosen guest of Hal Rosen
  • Anna Maria Valenzuela introduced by Ramon Ware
  • Sergio Michel introduced by Ramon Ware
Mike thanked the staff from Shir Hadash that is such a help to us every week. A big thank you to Diego Mendoza, Javier Rodriguez, and Josh Bernstein.
First Tuesday for 2023 will be January 3 at the Galli Tasting room from 5:30-7:30.
  • Marty Fishman 16th
  • Greg Gentile 1 th
  • AnnMarie Valle 17th
  • Rachelle Lopp 18th
  • Adam Mayer 21st
  • Judy Rodriguez 21st
  • Wes Sadumiano 24th
  • Irene Carrion-Upson 25th
  • Colin Duerson 29th
Club Anniversaries:
  • Julian Rodriguez 33 years
  • Gary Allison 16 years
  • Gae La Torre 15 years
  • Nicholas Welzenbach 6 years
  • Richard Bobis 3 years
  • Barbara Fishman 2 years
  • Sidd Madiwale 1 year
Thank you all for your service!
Marion B. Lyon, widow of Jim Lyon, has passed away. Jim was a member for 30 years and passed away in 2015. Marion was involved in the Inner Wheel for many years. She lived a full life.
New members introduced: Michelle Strachan introduced by Paul Johnson and John Walker who was introduced last week but he said a few words today.
Thank you to Dick Konrad and Ron Cassel for maintaining our planter box. It looks great. If you’re downtown, take a look, it is on the corner of Bachman and N. Santa Cruz.
This is the last week of the coat and blanket drive for Pacific Clinic.
Barbara Fishman received a thank you letter from Santa Maria Urban Ministry. Thanks to our donation they have been able to buy 40 tents and 20 tarps for homeless members of our community.
Thanks to Kathie Benko and Randy Cobb for the festive eggs for St. Luke’s. They did a dozen snowmen and a dozen Charlie Brown Christmas. The time you give every week is appreciated.
Champion forms are due February 28. Any member can submit a form for a project they would like to have considered for our club support. Mike explained that World Service and Community Service are projects that club members are involved in, Charities Foundation are projects that just need financial support. Forms are available on Club Runner. Go to club documents, forms, then Champion form. Forms need to be returned to President Mike electronically or in person. Deadline is Feb. 28, 2023.
Suzanne Boxer-Gassman presented the slate of officers for approval. There were no nominations from the floor. The slate was approved unanimously by a voice vote.
President elect: Doug Brent
Immediate Past President: Mike Norcia
Vice President: Rachelle Lopp
Secretary: David Hubbard
Asst. Secretary: Teri Trotter
Asst. Treasurer: Jeffrey Barnett
Director: Ramon Ware
Director: Jean-Marc Blanchard
Sergeant-at-Arms: Gregg Butterfield
Investment Committee: Rob Chaykin
Scholarship Committee: Karen Anderson
Lisa Cheskin and Suzanne spoke about the Crabfest on February 4 at 5:00. Did you know our club gives away a quarter million dollars every year? This wouldn’t be possible without our various fundraisers. Please support the Crabfest by purchasing a ticket (thank you to the 40 people who have already purchased tickets) and bidding on one (or more) of the auction items. A few items were on display today, there will be more at the January 10 th meeting. There is a Win Now option this year so you don’t have to wait if you see something you must have. Also, on the 10 th there will be a tutorial on how to bid on items. The committee has been hard at work for the last 3 months. Suzanne asked the committee members to stand so they could be recognized. Thank you for all your work.
30 for 30
Meghan gave for Mike’s Elf (the movie) jacket.
John Pencer gave $100 to the Charities foundation for Judy’s reading last week of This I Believe by Ray Cobb. We all reflected on what it means to be a Rotarian and on Ray Cobb and what a special member he was.
John Colwell gave $100 to the Scholarship Foundation in honor of Lydia and Dom Norcia who were on the cover of Los Gatos Living magazine this month. Lydia and Dom were recognized for their years of service to the community.
Suzanne thanked Gregg Butterfield for all he does to get us set up every week.


Our program was our quarterly in meeting service project. We cut and prepared wire for upcoming Lighting for Literacy build workshops. Rachelle spoke about LFL and how it benefits our local STEM students with hands on experience and then allows students in areas without electricity to continue their studies after dark. Rachelle introduced Brian Rhea from LFL who thanked us for our support. President Mike presented him with a check from the money raised at our Fall Fundraiser. Everyone seemed to enjoy working on the project and having time to socialize. Thank you, Rachelle for organizing this project, it was a complete success.
We are dark next week. First Tuesday is January 3 at Gali Vineyards tasting room.