Henry Vitkovich provided the inspiration - focused on the New Year and the decisions you will make
No guests were in attendance
Music picked by Nicholas's son - Nuttin for Christmas
Leroy Neider - acknowledged as the Rotarian of the week
TRF still in progress - 70% involvement from the club - huge achievement
Festive Eggs provided by Randy
Winefest coming up with live band Lavender Fields - Suzanne gave details and suggested it could be a great last min Christmas gift
Birthdays were acknowledged for month of December
Happy Birthday was played on the piano
David Wells also provided instructions on how to signup for Winefest - must setup another account because it can't keep credit cards from last year
  • Instructions will also be emailed out.
  • Jan 15th bidding starts on catalogue items
  • Suzanne offered to help anyone signup at the next meeting if they need help
Rotarian anniversaries noted - 9 people recognized
Red Badge Bio - Russell Couch

20 for 20

Nicholas called for members to speak about their holiday traditions

  • Nicholas - wrapped vs unwrapped gifts - his long time tradition was unwrapped gifts from Santa
  • Jeffrey Blum - Jewish traditions - eat Chinese food and watch comedians ($50)
  • Haryl Pascal - store of cutting a tree and then ending up with poison oak
  • John Pencer - Eve dinner was Slovakian with no meat then Christmas day - port & sauerkraut
  • Dick Conrad - Oyster stew for Christmas Eve - family hates it lol
  • Grady Jeter - was helping US ski team so travelled many miles away each year
  • Dan Snyder - ($50) Lima bean for Christmas Eve was his dad's choice - tradition that didn't last
  • Ron Cassel - Wreaths across America for veterans.
  • Gordan Levin - worked in a homeless shelter serving 120 people on Christmas Eve & ordered Chinese food on Christmas Day
  • Randy Cobb - was a LG high school - store of a trip and ending up at the Black Watch looking for hot mulled wine


Tuesday 12/28 - dark - no meeting
Jan 4 - Rootstock social. The owner is a huge supporter of local restaurants
Jan 11 - In meeting service project
Break out committee meetings then adjourned at 1:30