Judy R. ran the meeting as President Andrew H. was out.

The pledge was led by Tony J. There were no guests, as was efficiently reported by Greg B.

Andrea L. announced the birthday table for the month, which included Marshall S, Michelle B, Dave D, Marlon S, Canan S, and Judith P (Andrea announced Judith is living mainly in San Luis Obispo these days, but still values her membership).

First Thursday was announced by Maddie S as being an the Toll House’s Verge Restaurant this week, Thursday 5-7, with Happy Hour pricing and free parking.

Tina announced there is a service project with the LG High Interactors on 2/14 2:05-3:25. Meet at the school main office to gather for making blankets for a dog rescue group. See her to sign up.
The next St Luke’s brunch will be 2/19. Tina will be taking food signups next week, or you can contact her anytime with your preference.

Champion forms are due at the end of the month. Click here to download/print

Henry V. had the new LG Rotary hats available for purchase for $15. All those that bought gathered for a photo op. Club Pride!

New member Diane B. gave her Red Badge bio. She listed her many sports and hobbies, including being a triathlete. Her parents motivated her to be a volunteer and advocate as they were as well. Her brother was severely retarded and has passed. He is also a key motivator for her. She experienced a major life event when she crashed while cycling, requiring 3 months in a  wheelchair and 1 year in a cast. She realized life is short and now lives to get the most out of it. Welcome to Diane!

Ron C. announced Sis Boom Bah is the exhibit at Numu that showcases LG High School history. It will run at least thru June and he encouraged people with historical materials to submit them to the museum and to tour it.

Tom B. celebrated his 57th Anniversary Sunday with his wife…and another Rotarian with the exact same Anniversary, Ron C. For this honor Tom pledged $57 to the club and pressured/encouraged Ron C. to do the same. Ron followed by doubling the challenge and Tom accepted. Lloyd G. then followed with a $25 pledge for each of their wives having to put up with “those 2 clowns”. Ha! Happy 57 anniversary to Ron and his wife and Tom and his wife. They married their wives on the same day. Thanks for donating to Rotary!
Jon C. gave $100 to the scholarship fund for announcing a  great ski trip to Vail. Judy R. explained her recent knee surgery was the reason for her absence, and she appreciated all the cards.

Marty F. announced the speakers from the International Rescue Committee in San Jose (website rescue.org). They were Amanda Gamban and Kayla Ladd. The IRC was started in the 1930’s with Einstein and assisted those fleeing Nazi’s. The San Jose office serves roughly 120 clients/year. Other local offices are in Turlock and Sacramento, and they all over the world. Clients are first vetted thoroughly for 2 years by various US government and intelligence agencies. When they arrive in San Jose IRC helps with
  • Resettlement
  • Emergency relief
  • Protection
  • Advocacy
  • Women’s empowerment
  • Anti-trafficking
The goal is self-sufficiency, so focus is on job and career development and English skills. Immigration and naturalization services are offered, with 80% becoming naturalized.
A video highlighted important work in Tanzania, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Jordan. Th world has 25 million refugees, and 52% are children. Refugees are fleeing persecution. Volunteers are needed for
  • Professional mentoring/ career advice
  • Creating household welcome kits so refugees have necessities when starting out
  • Outings
  • Housing subsidy fundraising
The speakers announced they would appreciate if Rotarians could introduce them to local official or schools, or grant foundations to help educate the community of their work. Click here to see volunteer opportunities in the area!

Next week’s meeting will be the annual high school speech contest.