Meeting brought to order at 12:30pm by President, Mike Norcia.
Pledge of allegiance led by Erin Hartnett
Inspiration was provided by Doug Brent. In honor of Presidents’ Day, Doug shared some interesting presidential quotes.
  • Janet Russel
  • Molly Rhine, guest of Patti van der Burg
  • Priscilla Wong, guest of Jon Cowan
  • Charities forms are due in one week, on February 28, 2023. You can submit them electronically or to Mike Norcia directly.
  • We have an upcoming Service Project: Rise Against Hunger on April 8 from 7-10am and 10am-1pm at Saratoga High School. This is a joint project with other clubs in Area 8. Details on how to sign up will be sent out soon.
  • Red Cross Rotary Boot Camp on April 1 from 9am-1pm at Silicon Valley Chapter on N First St in San Jose. Use this registration link to sign up:
  • The Annual Police Officer’s Ball will be held on Saturday, March 4, 2023, from 6:30pm – 11:00pm at Testarossa. This is a Black-Tie optional, seated dinner and auction. Tickets are $150 each and you can also sponsor an officer. More information can be found using this link:
Thank you, Kathie and Randy, for the awesome Fat Tuesday hard-boiled eggs for St. Luke’s
Thank you to all the Club members who donated to support the post-earthquake recovery efforts in Turkey.
Molly from Peninsula Food Runners spoke about the work they do locally. She shared a video and thanked our Club for 6 years of financial support. They are looking for volunteers with vehicles that can help pick up and deliver the food. If you are interested, visit this website:
Kim from Inner Wheel spoke about their Myoelectric Limb Project. They are here today to sell raffle tickets for 6 baskets to support the project. They partner with Hangar Prosthetics and Orthotics to provide limbs to children aged six months to 21years old. Inner Wheel, which started as a subsidiary of Rotary for women, will turn 100 next year. They started in Manchester England and now have 3700 clubs and over 100,000 members in over 100 countries.
30 for 30
Jean-Marc Blanchard recently returned from a trip to Hawaii. Even though he went there for work, he was still able to find time for some fun adventures. $100. 
Gary Allison attended a recent ski trip with fellow Los Gatos Rotarians; Paul Christenson, Gregg Butterfield and John Colwell along with some San Jose Club Rotarians. During the group dinner on the final evening, John Colwell passed along a beautiful Austrian cow bell that Gary will now be the guardian of until the group’s ski trip next year. $100 to the Education Foundation
Serita Johnson is very happy to be back and attending meetings with the Club again. She donated $100 to the Foundation and encouraged other members to give as well. 


Today we performed an in-meeting service project. We assembled activity kits and wrote cards for patients that are in isolation at El Camino Health – Los Gatos Hospital. Club member, Jon Cowan explained the importance of the kits and thanked the Club for providing them.  
Richelle Lopp asked that if anyone in the Club has ideas for additional in-meeting service projects, please let her know.
Meeting closed at 1:30pm by Mike Norcia.