Meeting called to order at 12:30 by Mike Norcia, filling in for Nicholas who is out of town for work.
Pledge led by Barry Cheskin
Inspiration from Suzanne Boxer-Gassman who reminded us that our club and its members are resilient. We wanted the crab feed, but we’re hosting the winefest and we will continue to raise money for all our worthy causes. She shared various jokes and inspirational stories from her friends about resilience. 
Mike joined in with a story about resilience. When Trader Joe’s stopped selling the granola a friend of Mike’s liked, she became a granola maker. Resilience.
No guests or visiting Rotarians.
Music recommended for today (but not played) was Take Me Home Country Roads by John Denver, suggested by Haryl Pascal. 
Marty Fishman updated us on TRF results. We have raised almost $40,000 and have 87% participation. Thank you everyone!
Ron Smith is our member of the week. Ron has been a member since 1990. Ron enjoys the camaraderie of Rotary, one of the highlights being the downhill Rotary ski competition. 
Mike’s least favorite slide this week was showing he had lost a $100 bet to Nicholas when KC beat Pittsburgh. Anyone want to bet on next week’s game? Money goes to the club. 
Don McCleve played Happy Birthday for club members celebrating in January:
  • Andrew Howard
  • Dan Snyder
  • Jeffrey Barnett
  • Andrea Lee
  • Neal Mudgett
  • Dina Duckworth
  • Larry Jinks
  • Paul Johnson
Anjan Bose spoke about Radha Seva. This is an organization in India that helps widowed women who otherwise would have nowhere to go. They feed 250 people daily. They empower them by providing work. They are now providing children’s programs. Anjana thanked us for supporting this cause.
Winefest is coming soon. Suzanne told us we have sold 95 tickets so far. The money will go to the philanthropies supported by our club. This year Raise the Paddle will fight local hunger by supporting Peninsula Food Runners, West Valley Community Services, and House of Hope.
Patti van der Burg asked for help selling raffle tickets. She also encouraged us to get our non- Rotarians friends to purchase raffle tickets. For every non-Rotarian ticket, you sell to a friend you will get one ticket. Let Patti know if you can help.
Tina Orsi-Hartigan asked for 2 people to help with wine kit pick up the day of the event from 9 a.m.-11 a.m. Please let Tina know if you can help.
Thank you to Randy Cobb and Kathie Benko for another week of your beautiful hardboiled eggs.

Twenty for Twenty:

  • John Pencer was talking to Gordon Levin about how he used to have to dress up for the meetings. Today he donated $25 for each member who was wearing a jacket: Don McCleve, John Cowell, and Marlon Smith. John C. donated $75 for this too.
  • Dan Snyder relayed the story that when Tina recruited him for the club, she told him he needed to dress better. He donated $75 in honor of Tina. Dan also told us we can order covid test kits through the USPS. (Thanks for the tip, Dan)
  • You might know that Michelle Myers Nelson gets flowers donated from Trader Joes that she picks up several times a week. One of the groups she takes them to is a group of ladies who make arrangements for hospice. This group is being featured on the local news tonight. Michelle gave $20 in celebration of their recognition. 
  • Mike N. gave $20 to thank Doug Brent for his work in bringing us the Zoom option for the meetings. 


Jennifer Armer Planning Manager from Los Gatos spoke about the general plan that is now available for review. She explained the various components of the plan such as land use, housing, and infrastructure. She invited us to get involved. The plan can be reviewed at Comments can be submitted at  Comments are still being accepted.
We also heard from the new police chief for Los Gatos, Jamie Field.  Jamie has been with the LG police department since 2013. 
Meeting adjourned at 1:30. Mike reminded us to be granola makers!