President Marty F. called the meeting to order.
Doug B. lead the Pledge and announced club visitors and guests.
  • Handeel, a prospective new member.
  • Barbara, Marty’s wife.
John P. did the inspiration message based on some writings by Helen Keller.
The July birthday celebration included:  Tom O., Ron C., René F., Sarita J., Dom N., Art R. and Todd T. and Bill.  
President Marty asked for people to sign up for committees if they haven’t already done so.
First Thursday has been moved because of the holiday.  It will now be a wine/beer tasting on Wednesday, July 10th at Zanotto’s Family Market on Naglee Avenue, San Jose.  Cost is $25 and the start time is 6pm. Let Michelle N. know if you’re planning to attend so she can reserve a table for the club.
Lisa C. announced a Fisher House cooking activity at the Palo Alto VA on July 30th         
The annual Back to School shopping activity will take place on August 3rd.  Please sign up by July 12th if you want to participate.
Note that the July 9th club lunch will be a BBQ at the Youth Park at Los Gatos High School.
Patti V. recognized last year’s Cat Tale committee members Kirsten B., David K., Lisa C., Doug B., Ron C., and Ann Marie V.
A red badge was awarded to new member Jeff B.
President Marty reviewed some of his experiences at the Rotary International Convention in Hamburg, Germany.
The club awarded a check to Darren of the Family Services organization to help cover the costs of this year’s backpacks for kids program.  Volunteers are needed for August 8th and 9th.  Contact Gae L. if you’d like to help out.
The guest speaker was Cordelia Willis from the Santa Clara County Crime Lab.  She is a forensic scientist and talked about the evolution of DNA technology to identify and convict criminal suspects.