Mike Norcia called the meeting to order.
John Pencer gave the inspiration, reminding us of the importance of simple kindness over worldly success.
Sesh Ramaswami, Assistant Governor from District 5170
Joe Aubers
RYLA students: Angela, Hana, and Aki 
New member introduction:
Mike Frangadakis introduced Fabio Gianetti, just back from vacation to his homeland, Italy, and presented him with a red badge. Welcome Fabio!
Next week is First Tuesday!  Aug 2 5:30-7:30 at Gordon and Judy Levin’s home. Bring an appetizer and a favorite drink.
The annual Club BBQ is Aug 23 at 5pm at Oak Meadow Park. Bring guests and prospective members.
Don McCleave is moving to Bellingham. We passed around a card to wish him well.
Service Projects:
JFS Backpack Drive service project is full. Thank you!
Pacific Clinics backpack drive on Aug 10 still needs volunteers. You get to stuff backpacks for kids in need. No need to bring anything. Contact Gae LaTorre to sign up.
West Valley Community Services Back to School shopping activity on Aug 6 still needs volunteers. You are given a gift card and you get to take a child shopping at Old Navy at Westgate Mall. Sign up here https://www.wvcommunityservices.org/b2s 
Anjana Bose presented about RYLA.
RYLA stands for Rotary Youth Leadership Award and is an annual leadership camp for high school students where they learn about leadership and team building.
RYLA happened in June in Mission Springs in Scotts Valley. It’s a district wide event and students from all over the bay area come. We sponsored 3 students. This year it was smaller and all outdoors but very successful. 
Angela, Aki, and Hana, high school student participants, talked to us about their experiences this year. They spoke of the new friends they made and new skills they developed. 
Kirsten Bridges presented thank you gifts to the CatTale committee: those who take notes, Ron Cassell who takes pictures, and AnnMarie Valle who assembles and posts the newsletter. 
Our assistant governor and community service chair, Sesh Ramaswami, presented about the district’s Wheelchair Foundation. This year we raised $150K, half of which came from district Rotarians. About 200 chairs went to Mexico City. Others went to Monterrey, MX, Serbia, and more. He had the chance to go to Mexico City this year to distribute most of the wheelchairs. They assembled them and distributed them at two locations in Mexico City. People came from all over to collect their wheelchairs. Rotarians got to talk to the beneficiaries one on one and see how they changed lives. Sesh mentioned one man in particular who had lost his leg to gangrene. If you want to go for future trips: Monterrey, Serbia, and maybe Philippines, be sure to sign up!
30 for 30. 
Mike Frangadakis has a new grandchild, Walker Frangadakis Rivers, as of this morning. And he just got back from two weeks with the National Guard.
Nicholas Welzenbach said his son’s team won flag football tournament over the weekend.
Clayton Bruntz’s granddaughter just completed both nursing school and a marathon with a time that won her a spot at the Boston Marathon.

Guest Speaker- Louise Sumpter

Louise worked as occupational therapist until her recent retirement. She now volunteers. Her mother died of complications from Alzheimers, so this topic is near and dear to her.
Walk to End Alzheimers is a nonprofit with a vision: a world without Alzheimers and dementia
Most of us know someone who has Alzheimers. There is no cure.
One in three seniors has some form of dementia, which is an umbrella term that includes Alzheimers and other memory-related diseases. Alzheimers is not typical aging.
Last walk raised $1.6 million nationally. Money is used for support for caregivers, for research and for advocacy with the government.
More than 6M Americans live with Alzheimers. More than 11M Americans provide unpaid care for someone with Alzheimers, providing 16B hours. 
It kills more than breast and prostate cancer combined, and it’s increasing.
Family history and cardiovascular disease are big risk indicators.
Lack of social and cognitive stimulation contributes (we saw an increase during Covid because of this.)
The foundation makes an impact through care and support, research, and advocacy.
There was a bill 10 years ago that has increased funding Alzheimers 7-fold due to their advocacy. But it is set to expire, so they are working to get a national plan with an annually allocated congressional budget. 
Get involved in the advocacy by texting AIMWALK to 52886
To participate in the Walk, you can form a Rotary Team to compete to see who earns the most money at the Alzh walk. Or go to the SV Walk and sign up to form your own team. Louise does it with her siblings.
Money goes to support, support groups, training, etc to help those with Alzheimers or their caregivers.
This year’s walk is October 15, 2022 in San Jose. You can also walk around your own neighborhood if you don’t want to do the crowd. 1 mile loop or 3 mile loop. 
Visit alz.org/rotaryactiongroup to register. 
Or you can contribute to her walk. Look under her name.
Know a caregiver? Be sure they have this resource: 800-272-3900 for 24/7 caregiver support and info.