A glimmer of post-COVID normalness sparked an evening of fun at our Annual Roast & Toast hosted by Villa Ragusa in downtown Campbell. Guests began arriving at 5:30 and were greeted by our fellow Rotarians and a well-organized check in process. After cocktails and hors d‘oeuvres, we sat down to our dinners and Marty Fishman started the evening program at 6:35pm.
The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Mike Frangadakis.
In memoriam, we honored the lives of our friends Charles Ereckson, Harvey Knoernschild, Rene Freidrick and Al Blood.
John Pencer provided our Inspiration and thanked Marty Fishman, Doug Brent and Andrew Stearns for getting us through the pandemic and shared a poem called “Coming Together” by Robert Longley.
Lisa Norcia Cheskin mentioned our new members: Rebecca Alvarez, Karen Anderson, Tom Anthony, Ryan Basham, Eric Beckstrom, Jeffrey Blum, Anjana Bose, Barbara Fishman, Linda Lester, Margaret Smith and Terri Trotter.
Marty Fishman thanked Erik Beeson for his extraordinary magic card tricks that he entertained the group with before dinner.
We watched a beautifully created video by Suzanne Boxer-Gassman that highlighted our events and endeavors over the past year. Click here to see the video!

We recognized and thanked our Paul Harris Fellows members that made significant contributions to our Rotary Foundation:

Paul Harris ($1000) Michelle Behr, Gregg Butterfield, Jack Chevlen, George Hall, Jamie Hekkelman, Sarita Johnson, Dick Konrad, Linda Lester, Gordon Levin, Rachelle Lopp, Tonya McQuade, Michelle Myers-Nelson, Kamyar Negari, Judy Rodriguez, Hal Rosen, Madeline Smith, Margaret Smith, Ron Smith, Chris Trapani and David Wells.
Paul Harris +1 ($2000) Clayton Bruntz, Daniel Doore, Colin Duerson, Eric Eberle, Charles Goss, Gae La Torre, Angelique Pimentel, Norm Snyder and Henry Vitkovich.
Paul Harris +2 ($3000) Gary Allison, Sandy Bocks, Doug Brent, Kent Cooper, Nava Fathi, Larry Jinks, Haryl Pascal, Amy Potts, Art Rabitz, Len Smith and Nicholas Welzenbach.
Paul Harris +3 ($4000) Suzanne Boxer-Gassman, Lisa Cheskin, Mike Frangadakis, Andrew Howard, Marshall Smith and Myron Smith.
Paul Harris +4 ($5000) Tom Dodge, Richard Irion and Andrew Stearns.
Paul Harris +5 ($6000) Grady Jeter, Don McCleve and Patty van der Burg.
Paul Harris +6 ($7000) Ed Bowen, John Colwell, LeRoy Neider, Tom O’Donnell, John Pencer and Ed Stahl.
Paul Harris +7 ($8000) Tom Boyce, Tony James, Tina Orsi-Hartigan and Judith Propp.
Paul Harris +8 ($9000) Marty Fishman, Julian Rodriguez and Marlon Smith.
Major Donors ($10,000 - $50,000) Ron Cassel, Paul Christensen, Lloyd Grant, Don Kuehn, Avis La Grone, Michael Norcia, Steve Rice, Beth Smith and Dan Snyder.
Avis La Grone handed out the Paul Harris Award pins.

Annual Awards

This year, the Awards Committee was led by Ron Cassel and included Larry Jinks, Don Kuehn LeRoy Neider. Andrew Stearns made the presentation of certificates.
Certificates of Appreciation for Club Service – Sandy Bocks, David Karwowski and David Wells. And a special family award to the Norcia/Cheskin Family; Barry Cheskin, Lisa Norcia Cheskin, Lydia Norcia and Mike Norcia for their advancement of Rotary.
Andrew Howard (standing in for Nicholas Welzenbach) presented to Gae La Torre the Service Award for her work with Club hospitality. 
Dan Snyder presented to Tina (the Hammer) Orsi-Hartigan a plaque honoring her for her Longevity and Intensity of Service and also presented her with a pin of a hammer.
Judy Rodriguez received an award for her husband Julian Rodriguez honoring his 31 years of commitment and service to Rotary. Judy thanked Andrew Stearns for stepping in to fill her shoes. Marlon Smith also received an award for his Longevity and Intensity of Service.
Rotarian of the Year: This year’s Rotarian of the Year was presented to Tom Boyce. We honored his 35 years of service and the work he has been involved in over the years including (but not limited to), the World Services Committee, the Computer Project in Africa, Budget and Finance Committee, former Club President, ELC, RYLA, Presidents Brunch, Micro Lending Program. Tom received his award and his official Rotarian of the Year coat.
Marty Fishman presented the Debunking of Andrew Stearns. We enjoyed many humorous photographs covering Andrew’s life, family, education, Rotary activities and achievements.
Greg Smith led a group in a hilarious skit about Andrew’s “dark side”. A job well done by Paul Christensen, Gordon Levin, Barbara Fishman, Green Butterfield, John Colwell and the “Judge” Jack Chevlen.
Marty Fishman presented Andrew Stearns with a plaque, pin and gift card for dinner.
Andrew Stearns thanked his Board of Directors with gifts.

Officers and Board of Directors 2020-2021

Vice President – Gae La Torre
Secretary – Doug Brent 
Assistant Secretary – Rami Wazni
Treasurer – Ed Bowen
Assistant Treasurer – Dan Snyder
President Elect – Nicholas Welzenbach
Immediate Past President – Marty Fishman
Sergeant-at-Arms – Gregg Butterfield
Carol Abela, Rachelle Lopp, Michelle Myers Nelson, Christopher Potter and Henry Vitkovich.
He also thanked:
His big helpers: Suzanne Boxer Gassman, Tom Boyce, and Tina Orsi-Hartigan
Host: Marty Fishman
Gordon Levin gave one more gift to Andrew Stearns, a beautiful cutting board made by him with the Rotary emblem on it.
Andrew Stearns passed the gavel to Nicholas Welzenbach and Nicholas adjourned the meeting by ringing the bell at 9:09pm.

Thank you Andrew and good luck Nicholas!

Click here to view all slides from this meeting.