ELC (Enterprise Leadership Conference) first place winners shared their business plan with us today. (See Program notes)
Mike F. led us in the pledge.
Erica B. announced visiting Rotarians and guests. These included four Rotarians from the San Jose Club; Meghan B., a visitor of Mike N.'s, who has submitted her application to become a member; Lydia, Hal R.'s wife; Sandeep G., a friend of Hal's and was one of our speakers last month and who is planning to become a member of the club; Randy C. and Komiko I. - both guests of John C.; John P., a guest of Neal M., who will hopefully be joining the club soon; and three guests of Andrew H. - the president of the Lexington School Home and School club who thanked our club for our grants to their organization, and Michael R. and Jim B. - both residents of Andrew's neighborhood.
John P. shared words of inspiration on the subject of understanding.

Suzanne B. showed a video of her trip to Australia and New Zealand and rang the bell for $150 in support of the Polio Plus Campaign.

Patti V. announced that First Thursday next Thursday, April 4th, will take place at The Cats at 5pm.
Dan S. indicated that he is working to reconcile unauthorized credit cards and asks members to provide updated card information, as needed.

Andrew H. showed a Rotary Polio video. Then, Dan S. passed around the donation sign-up sheet for the Polio Plus Campaign. A minimum of  $100 per member is requested. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is matching our donations.

Mike N. reminded the club that The Great Race is on Sunday, April 28. See Mike for volunteer opportunities for this event. Full participation is requested. A video was shown promoting this year's race narrated by Michelle M.

Andrew S. introduced this year's ELC (Education Leadership Conference) first place winners who gave their ELC presentation to the club. Twelve (12) groups of high school juniors competed for this top spot. Before the presentation, Mike N.  - this year's ELC chair - recognized all of the Los Gatos Rotarians who participated in making the event a success. In addition, the two adult mentors for the winning team  - Scott P. and Lynn D. - gave an overview of this year's ELC experience. The team's business plan was for "Pet Tech" - a business offering a technology for minimally invasive insulin administration to diabetic pets. After the presentation, the students answered questions from the audience.

Andrew H. thanked visitors and guests and closed the meeting with a humorous quote about the high school experience.