This meeting was brought to order by President Mike Norcia at 12:30 PM, on Tuesday the 14th of March. There was visible excitement in the room despite a rainy day that cast a storm over the Bay Area. There was a packed room, and full attendance, as it was speech contest day.

Pledge of Allegiance

  • Led by Sarita


  • Given by Dan Snyder who inspired by us with bad jokes and being a mediocre father.
  • Among them “Which celebrity is always ready for a cereal” … Reese Witherspoon


  • Emi Eto, Terry Trotter and Marie Rector

Guests at the meeting

  • Sue M guest of Avis La Grone and a Mahjong Teacher 
  • Sergio Guest of Ramon Ware
  • Ron Lykins guest of Tina Orsi Hartigan
  • Naeri Kim guest of Tina Orsi Hartigan
  • Martha Sterne guest of Terri Trotter
  • Alison Snyder daughter of Dan Snyder
  • Lydia Rosen guest of Hal Rosen


New Blue Badger

  • Ann Marie Maria Velenzuela Given by Ramon.
  • Doug Carlen Given by Mike Norcia


  • Community Service Champion Meeting 5PM Thursday 16th.
  • Charities Foundation Meeting 7PM Thursday 16th.
  • Rise Against Hunger April 8th at Saratoga High School in 2 shifts
7am to 10am and 10 am to 1pm.  
4 pm to 7pm. 
  • Rotarians $60.00 Non-Rotarians $30.00
    • At the Rotary San Jose Summit Center: 88 S 4th Street, 7th floor, San Jose, 95112

We Care News:

A special message to those who are recovering from various injuries and struggles, our hearts go out to you all, and wish you a speedy and safe recovery.
  • Henry Vitkovich recovering from heart surgery.
  • Erika Buck recovering from Hip replacement surgery
  • Suzanne Boxer-Gassman recovering Hip replacement surgery
  • Haryl Pascal recovering from Knee replacement surgery

30 for 30

  • Paul donated $ 200 for enjoying a great Ski trip.
There are 6 more weeks to go! Let’s ensure that we finish strong!

The Great Race is looking for sponsors:

  •  These can be Hospitals, Companies, Individuals
  • $15000 sponsor Level.
Please spread the word

The Main Event

  • Rotary Youth Speech Contest

  • The Theme Imagine Rotary

Tina Orsi Hartigan took to the stage and introduced the participants.
They were:
  • Cheslie Bae(A)
  •  Alexander Bonev (B)
  •  Angela Sheu (C)
  • Kairui T Mei(D) 
The contestants were high school students from our district, mainly from Los Gatos High and Leigh High School. The main goal of the speech contest was to boost confidence, bring awareness of Rotary in the community, increase knowledge of Rotary, and give them an opportunity to win prizes with no strings attached. Students in high school often aren’t exposed to opportunities like this, so we were excited to see what they would present. 
The speech contest brings forth critical thinking and promotes the Rotary focus in 6 main categories. The Cash Prizes were 1st place $100, 2nd place $75.  3rd place $50. At the District level, prize earnings goes up to $1000 and to the Regional level $1500. This incentivizes participation and keeps the level of competition high. 
This speech contest is named after Richard D King who was the past World President, District Governor and an amazing speaker. The contest was also guided by the Rotary 4 way Test.
Contestant A - Cheslie Bae
  • Spoke about the no discrimination and being inclusive at all levels of society.
Contestant B - Alexander Bonev 
  • Spoke about Education and our system preparing students to face the new age challenge with AI
Contestant C - Angela Sheu 
  • Spoke about Rotary being involved in the local Community and the impact of Rotary Worldwide building good will and making small changes all over the world.
Contestant D - Kairui T Mei
  • Spoke about the legacy, dream and vision of clean air, clean water, the contributors and people support of Imagine Rotary.
Thank You
  • Ron Cassel for Time Keeping
  • Stefka Bonev help in hosting
  • Doug And Matthew – Keeping Scores
  • Mike Norcia - Printing
  • Judy Rodriguez - Writing in her beautiful handwriting.
  • Patti cutting the check
  • Jeffrey Barnet helping Tina
  • Ramon helping Tina

The Winner of the Contest 

1st place Alexander Bonev
2nd place Angela Sheu
3rd Thomas Mei 
The meeting was adjourned at 1.30 PM.