This meeting was brought to order by Lisa Cheskin filling in for Nicholas Welzenbach at Shir Hadash at 12.30pm on Tuesday.
  • PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE was led by Lydia Norcia
  • INSPIRATION Davis Hubbbard read the inspiration about Ukraine. 
President Volodymyr Zelensky stands to defend his country against all odds and 
How the ordinary people become extraordinary with heroism and bravery.
  • GREETER Jean Marc and Sue.
Visiting Rotarians Lisa and Rhonda from Los Gatos Morning 
Rotary Guest Ilena 


  • The Music Played was Peace Train by Cat Stevens
  • Eggs for St Lukes was themed after St Patrick’s thanks to Randy Cobb and Kathie Benko

  • Speech Contest one of our students is in the next round.

  • Special Mention of the meeting on April 19 at 12.30 no LUNCH 

Have a special presentation by Samuel L. Davis Vietnam War Veteran.

Other Highlights
Ukraine Support.
  • Tom Boyce was very happy to announce that the Charities Foundation approved a check of $6000 for Shelter Box USA and it has been sent for Ukraine. 
  • The board worked diligently to make this happen.
  • The second round of donations to the Shelter Box have started for Ukraine.
  • Support For Ukraine through Rotary International also available for those wanting to support.
  • Red Badge Bio Presentation was done by Yeadon Paul who talked about his English background growing up in Canada and now settled in Los Gatos.
Paul Owns and operates a postage and printing business with many other goodies.  He and his wife enjoy sports, travel and going to the Beach.
World Service Committee 5 Minute Presentation
Jamie and Avis made their presentation on their Vietnam Project which is educating against human trafficking, bringing awareness, and teaching them to have their voices heard. They talked about the tremendous difference the grant has made in the lives of the girls. The girls are more confident, acquiring skills and working towards a great future. Special mention was made of Deip who is graduating this year. Well Done Avis and Jamie.
20 for 20 Contributions
  • Avis for her husband David’s 83th Birthday
  • Dan Snyder
  • Andrew Sterns

Guest Speaker and Program

Folake Phillips from AWO

We had a wonderful presentation from Folake who migrated from Nigeria to the US following her husband and is a resident of Los Gatos. She attributes her love for diversity to her parents who encouraged travel and open mindedness.
She runs a nonprofit AWO which means SKIN, COLOR and RACE. Her nonprofit stands to break boundaries and create a global mind-set promoting diversity, dialogue, and other cultures as they come in all shapes and sizes. Folake thought it was necessary for her young child growing up here to know the history of her culture.
She was surprised to see the lack of content on diversity in the school and is now trying to provide some new circuculum opportunities thru a third party to the school district. She is working with kids, telling stories and skits to open imagination and curiosity. 
She works with parents alike trying to bring change and start opening barriers and real conversation. She is hopeful of closing the gap one day and have her son grow up in a more color conscious society.
Good luck on her endeavors.