Meeting began at 12:30 called to order by Nicholas
Pledge: Jeffrey Blum
Inspiration: David Hubbard reflected on his son’s school trip to Pigeon Point and how the lighthouse, which was built in 1872, has been an inspiration to many mariners. The Sea has many voices and if we listen we can hear a world of sounds.
Tuesday Music Track: Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen. Picked by Terri Trotter in remembrance of her favorite concert.
Visiting Guests: Tom Picraux guest of Lydia Norcia. JoAn Smith and Mike Hyman, guests of Ed Stahl. Ileana Aguilar and Larry Maggio, guests of Gae LaTorre. Kumiko Vadas, guest of John Colwell.
St. Luke’s: Thank you to all who contribute and especially for the fantastic hard-boiled eggs from Randy and Kathie.
Update, Regional Speech Contest: Today at the Gilroy Rotary Club Meeting. Our student Alex Bonev is competing for the regional title.
April 19, 2022 Meeting: Sammy Davis will share his stories of his time in combat. He is the real Forest Gump. No lunch at this meeting, but cookies and drinks will be served.
Ndukumbana School Project: Tom Boyce gave a report on this rotary charity. This is an Elementary School in South Africa, located in a rural village. The parents and principal’s dream was to provide digital access for the children. This is a three-year Partnership with Rotary, Vodacom South Africa, and CELD in Country Team. Rotary has contributed $3,000 for electricity, safe storage, and Internet access. A dedicated classroom with new desks is now open for the students and parents. A bonus was connecting fourth graders from Africa with fourth graders in Maryland.
New Member Schmooze:  Join us on March 29, after our regular meeting from 1:30-2:00pm. If you have just joined the club and are wondering about next steps, or if you have been in the club for a while but have questions, this is the schmooze for you.
Shelter Box:  sent a letter-thanking Rotary for the $6,000 donation made on behalf of relief for the Ukraine.
The Great Race: Sunday, May 1 at 8:30am. Mark your calendars. Flyers will be available at the meetings. We have 75-80 people signed up already. We are able to donate to shelter Box/Ukraine this year along with our other charities.
Rise Against Hunger:  April 2nd, 2022. Need help with Set-up from 8:30-10am, Packing from10-1pm, and Take Down from 1-1:30pm. We are partnering with Saratoga Rotary Club for this event.
Chef’s of Compassion:  Friday, April 1, 2022 at 6pm. More information will be forthcoming.
Scramble Golf Tournament: Monday, April 18, 2022. A chance to play with other Rotarians in our district. More information to follow.

Twenty for Twenty: 

Sue Heller: donated $20. She read a heartfelt letter from her daughter in law, who is Ukrainian, thanking Rotary for the donations through Shelter Box.
Doug Brent: donated $20 to the Scholarship foundation and announced that the Leigh High Interact students will be hosting another E-Waste pick up. The first one was very successful.
Ed Stahl: donated $200 to the scholarship fund in honor of his recent trips. The first to Antarctica; and the second to Dubai, where he attended the World Expo with 260 countries present. He also showed us a rotary banner from the Rotary booths that were in attendance.

Club Announcements:

Tuesday, Mar. 29: speaker will be Debbie Michels, from Jewish Family services

Saturday, April 2:  Rise Against Hunger with Saratoga Rotary Club.

Tuesday, April 5: First Tuesday Happy Hour at Root Stock in Los Gatos, 5:30-7:30pm

Friday, May 20: Family BBQ at Oak Meadow



Nancy Pearson, Kiwanis LG and LG Town Council
Presentation was on the Los Gatos Senior Services Program. This program was created to find out what will entice people to be involved in the town’s services.
Dick Konrad spoke about the $500,00 allotted by the town for senior services and 55+ programs through the Rec Center and KCAT radio station. Tom Picraux, the chair of the senior committee, talked about revitalizing the senior services in LG. The committee is made up of 12 people, including the mayor and a council member. They will roll out the plan for the town in the fall.
There was a question and answer period about what the town needs to do to meet the needs of the people:
There is no viable Rec center for people under 55. Suggestions were made to build a new community center with more inclusive activities for all ages; and align with the JCC in LG who currently offer a wide variety of classes and activities open to all. 

On April 20 from 5-7pm at the LG Rec Center the results from the Senior Services survey will be discussed.
Nicholas adjourned meeting at 1:30pm