The pledge was led by Don K.

Gae L. introduced visitors:
  • Clayton B. from San Jose Rotary
  • Radha’s friend Mrs. Kahn, an IT specialist
  • The Norcia family table included Dom’s wife Lydia
  • David W.’s wife Sonja
  • Michelle R., a  prospective member

Inspiration was by Dan S., and included some wise quotes by Trailblazer Damien Lillard regarding perspective. He said his stress level due to of competitive sports and being a  public figure is nothing compared to the stress of those who are hungry or without shelter.

  • Amy P. announced  a club photo will be taken June 18 during the regular lunch meeting, so all should try to attend.
  • Andrew S. announced the club BBQ dinner is Friday June 14, where family and friends are urged to join in for $10 ea, which will include hamburgers and soft drinks. You are asked to bring a side dish to share and other beverages if desired.  The train and carousel will  be running free rides. Tickets on sale soon.
  • Andrew also encouraged all to use the ClubRunner (mobile app or webpage version) to update info about yourself and also which committees you are on. All members are encouraged to add their photo as well.
  1. To get there go to
  2. Member area
  3. Login ID is (first name.last name)
  4. Password is losgatosrotary, unless you have changed it
  5. Go to Active members
  6. Find your name, and update info

President Andrew described how our own Tina Hammer O-H was awarded Saturday night at the District Conference with the Sydney R Mitchell Award for Outstanding Rotarian, a high honor for her, and our club. The elegant award was on display and Tina said a few words about how she is thankful for our club and encourages us all to try out District level activities.

The Roast and Toast is coming up Tuesday June 25 in the evening at Villa Regusa in Campbell. The club is not meeting that day at noon. Tickets on sale soon. It’s a fun-filled elegant evening and significant others are welcome. President Andrew and his board are thanked for their year of service (in a humorous way) and end of year awards are presented.

President Andrew has created a brief survey for club feedback. Click here to take this survey.

There were several 20 for 20’s:
  • Maddie accidentally took her badge home and got busted.
  • Nicholas W. announced the Memorial Day festivities at LG Memorial Park Monday May 27, which will include a band and memorial service to honor our veterans. All are welcome.
  • Tina O-H announced her son Colin is engaged, and also enjoying a stint working for Shell in London for 3 months.
  • Avis L. is excited about her trip to the International Rotary Conference in Hamburg,  and also to see her granddaughter in Holland, but that family is being transferred in July back to San Jose area, so she is bringing empty luggage to help with the move.
  • Andrew noted it was a great day for creek cleanup Sunday, and that Doug B., Avis L., and Andrew’s own kids helped the Interactors and other club members.

David W. gave his red badge bio. He grew up on an old farm in Virginia. In college he rowed and attended U of Virginia, U of Chicago, did management consulting, then became CFO of Netflix for many years. He likes to do adventure vacations with wife Sonja and his 11 year old daughter who is at Fischer.

Mike N. introduced his brother-in-law Barry C, our speaker. He noted that he graduated from MIT, Stanford, and Columbia, and therefore his family was disappointed Lisa married such a slacker (haha). Barry’s talk was entitled Doing Well by Doing Good, and focused on his medical device startup career where the devices had big impact on patient care. He started as a true nerd, then grew to like the business side of his ventures. Previous products included a syringe infusion pump, a puncture closure for angioplasty, an ablation tool for tumors, batteries for defibrillators, and air expanders for breast surgery. He was co-founder for his  latest company Powervision which was acquired in March by Alcon, but only after 14 years of development with many twists and turns. The product is an Intra Ocular Lens that uses patented fluid technology to allow the eye to adjust for both near and far sight corrections. FDA approval is pending, and it may be on the market in 3 years. There was $100 million in investment from J and J, Medtronic, Alcon, and many VC’s. He had a patient who received the device in a trial give him a hug, which was very moving.