The meeting was brought to order at 12:30 by President Nicholas.
The Pledge of Allegiance was led by our District Governor, Richard Flanders.
Gary Allison provided our inspiration. He shared a quote from Robert Lewis Stevenson about happiness and talked about making happiness a priority in our lives. 
Guests: Mike Norcia introduced Joe Albers, Avis La Grone introduced District Governor, Richard Flanders and Sarita Johnson introduced her care giver, Tam Doh.
Song of the Week: Al Green “Let’s Stay Together”. Suggested by Ramon Ware.


Thank you to Randy Cobb and Kathie Benko for providing the beautifully decorated eggs for St. Luke’s. They were decorated in rainbow colors to honor Harvey Milk and celebrate Pride week.
Our family BBQ was held last Friday evening and was a big success. Nicholas thanked all of the many volunteers that helped to make it happen.
Congratulations to Riley and Felicia Barr on the birth of their beautiful baby girl, Briar Regan Barr!
Rotarian Anniversaries:
Eric Eberle, 22yrs
Meghan Burton, 3yrs
Lisa Mize, 4yrs
Tom Boyce, 36yrs
Sandy Bocks, 18yrs
Randy Cobb, 3yrs
Sandeep Gopisetty, 3yrs
Ed Bowen, 54yrs
Chris Potter, 3yrs
Paul Johnson provided an update on the Los Gatos Unified School District Cares service project. The students provided essential hygiene and other items and assemble them into kits for donation to the homeless, supported by the House of Hope and refugees, supported by Jewish Family Services. Los Gatos Rotary provided a grant to support this project.
Nicholas Welzenbach detailed our Club’s Family and Corporate Memberships categories.
Marty Fishman presented information about End Polio Now and our Polio Plus Drive. He reminded us that we are still in the middle of the drive and 40% of members have donated so far. Clip boards were being passed around for folks to sign up and the drive will continue over the next few weeks.
Haryl Pascal is collecting old cell phones to donate to Ukraine. They need to be in working condition and will be used to control drones and as walkie-talkies. Please bring them next week and contact Haryl directly if you have questions.
Doug Brent and Avis LaGrone highlighted activities they did with the 35 Leigh High School Interactors during the school year. The students raised over $770, volunteered 50 hours of community service, attended most of the District events and ate way too many cookies! They had a party yesterday to celebrate. Terri Trotter and Doug Brent gave out scholarships this morning at Leigh. Our club is the biggest scholarship provider to students at Leigh High School and Los Gatos High School.

20 for 20

Erin Hartnett donated $100 for all of the family members that are in our Club together:  
Haryl Pascal donated $20 in honor of Doug Brent’s fabulous tan. 
Hal Rosen and his wife Lydia are heading out for their summer in the mountains. They are hoping for a much better summer this year - $20 donated.
Ron Cassell donated $100 and advocated for pace makers – he recently had his sixth one put in.



District Governor, Richard Flanders and Avis La Grone presented “Los Gatos Rotary Day of Recognition”.
This year our District donated $1,120,000 to the Rotary Foundation. This is the first time we surpassed the one million dollar mark. Our Club donated $63,913 so far this year, which is an average of $381/person!
Recognition certificates and pins were handed out to this year’s Paul Harris Fellows and Major Donors.

There will be Memorial Day Services held on May 30 at Oak Hill Memorial Park in San Jose as well as Los Gatos Memorial Park.
The meeting closed at 1:30pm.