Meeting called to order by President Nicholas Welzenbach. 
Pledge led by Kirsten Bridges
Inspiration by Gary Allison who spoke about looking for the beauty around us. Remember beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. 


Peter Naymer guest of Dan Snyder and Trustee of LGUSD board
Pat Chappell guest of Lydia Norcia
Allison Snyder guest and daughter of Dan Snyder. Congratulations on your graduation, enjoy your time at Mount Holyoke. 
Matthew Hudes guest of Dick Konrad and member of LG Town Council
Ellie Gilbert guest and mom of Cindy Gentile
Lydia Rosen guest of Hal Rosen
Holly Smith
Song of the week was My Way by Frank Sinatra, suggested by Nancy Consentino. Thanks for the suggestion Nancy. 
Thank you, Randy Cobb and Kathie Benko for the Memorial Day themed eggs.
We celebrated the May birthdays. Thank you, Don McCleve for accompanying us on the piano. 
Hal Rosen May 1
Riley Barr May 2
Susie Mize May 5
Gordon Levin May 6
Craig Roberts May 9
Randy Cobb May 10
Andrew Stearns May 12
Jean-Marc Blanchard May 13
Robert Chaykin May 23
Grady Jeter May 25
John Pencer May 25
Carol Abela May 26
Tom Anthony May 26
Kamyar Negari May 26
Michael Grove May 29
Rami Wazni May 29
Kent Cooper May 30

New Red Badgers

  • Cindy Gentile introduced by Tina Orsi-Hartigan
  • Emi Eto introduced by John Colwell
  • Jon Cowen introduced by Marty Fishman


  • Nicholas reminded us about Family and Corporate memberships.
  • Marty reminded us that it is not too late to donate to Polio Plus. We are over $10,000 so far which becomes over $30,000 with matching grants. Just over 50% of the club has donated. If you haven’t donated and you can donate, please remember any amount helps. We are this close 🤏.
  • Haryl Pascal is collecting used cell phones for Ukraine.
  • We still need books for the Lucille Packard Hospital Little Libraries. New and gently used books for ages 0-12 years. We will sort during an in-meeting service project in June.
  • Kirsten and Patti van der Burg spoke about volunteering for the Cat Tale note takers. Patti read a note from Rachelle Lopp about how it was one of the first committees she signed up for and it helped her learn more about the club. Dan Snyder volunteered on the spot. If you are interested, please contact Kirsten.
  • Roast and Toast will be held at Villa Ragusa in Campbell on June 28 from 5:30-9:00. More details to follow.
  • Don entertained us with a beautiful song, it wasn’t Happy Birthday but I didn’t get the name, my apologies.

20 for 20

  • Kirsten gave $20 each for Dan volunteering to take notes and Patti for her help in recruiting.
  • John Pencer gave $100 to charities for his 15-day trip to Europe with his family. There was a rocky start when he and his daughter had their wallets stolen in a Metro station. Despite this, it was a great trip.
  • Henry Vitkovich was in NYC last week. They saw three Broadway shows and took the train to the Hudson Valley. While he was gone someone charged $1200 for new tires on his credit card. Henry gave $100 for his safe trip, John’s safe trip and Michelle Myers Nelson’s flowers.
  • Sue Heller gave $20 and a song to let us know about her choir, Fun Time Singers, show this Sunday. The show will be at Westmont HS at 2:00 June 5. 
  • Jeffrey Blum works as a family law mediator and holds his sessions on Zoom. He realized the pillows on his couch behind him say “Love You Always” and “Love You More” he gave $50 and a reminder to watch where you’re sitting while on Zoom. 
  • Tina was travelling too. She was in Portugal recently. Just before she left for her first stop in Porto, she was notified that the hotel had double booked and she didn’t have a place to stay. She found a hotel and they had a great trip. She pledged $50.
  • Randy gave $20 in honor of Greek and amazing Memorial Day ceremony he helps put on. 
  • Dan gave $20 to scholarship in honor of his daughter going to Mount Holyoke next year. A couple weeks ago he gave $100 for each person at the meeting who had seen Mount Holyoke. Haryl told him he had to give in honor of his daughter. Dan hopes Haryl will match him.
  • Nicholas gave $100 in honor of Memorial Day and those who gave all. The Los Gatos Memorial Park had a lovely service and he always finds it to be very moving.
  • Andrew Stearns gave $20 each for John Cowell wearing khakis and a jacket, Hal’s summer haircut, and Nicholas correctly pronouncing Joe Simitian’s name. Supervisor Simitian spoke at the Memorial Day ceremony.  
  • Erin Hartnett has taken a cue from Michelle, she has been giving out flowers too. She gave $20 and told us what a great feeling it is to make someone’s day.
  • Nicholas gave $20 in honor of his wife and their joke about him bringing her flowers. 
  • Greek gave $50 in honor of the Memorial Day ceremony for the Santa Clara County Veteran’s Council at Oak Hill Memorial Park. Leon Panetta spoke, they had dug a WW1 trench, and there were war reenactors. Referencing Jeffrey’s comment, he told us he has a huge American flag behind him when he’s on a Zoom call. 
  • Nicholas gave $20 for the song played by Don. 
  • Eric Eberle gave $50 each for his two daughters graduating from college.
  • Hal thinks he has finally convinced Lydia to become an official member. They are spending their summer in Sierra City and Lydia has said she will work on her speech there.
There was a change in the program and we had lots of time for 20 for 20. Everyone enjoyed sharing stories.  If I missed yours, please let Kirsten know and we will add it to the next Cat Tale. 

Closing thoughts:

  • Patti updated us on the champion forms. We are distributing $99,000 in grants! Great job everyone. 
  • Eric is looking for volunteers to help with parking at the Marruci Bocce Tournament on June 8. Hours are 9:00-5:00. Let him know if you can help.
  • In thinking about today’s inspiration Nicholas reflected on the family vacations he took as a child. They were nothing fancy, but he wouldn’t change those memories for the world. Beauty really is in the eyes of the beholder.
  • NO lunch meeting next week. Our social hour will be at the Tasting House from 5:30-7:30. 
    • Gae La Torre told us they have planned a special menu for us and will set up the venue to give us lots of room to mingle. Please come join us at this new restaurant. They are located at 368 Village Lane. 
There are three ways to ultimate success:
The first way is to be kind.
The second way is to be kind.
The third way is to be kind. 
-Mister Rogers