Nicholas Welzenbach welcomed everyone and called the meeting to order. Our sound continues to get better. Stay tuned for even more improvements.

Judy Rodriguez led the flag salute and then gave our inspiration: Hope in a time of division. Christopher Reeves: said “Once you choose hope, anything is possible.” Nelson Mandela said “May your choices reflect your hopes and not your fears.”  We, as Rotarians, generate hope for humanity. Thank you.

Our song of the week is Goodbye Yellow Brick Road by Elton John, chosen by Henry Viktovich. Let Nicholas know if you want to have your favorite song play as we come in.


  • Dick Konrad introduced his daughter Julie. 
  • Lydia introduced 3 friends, Dina, Suzie, and Russell.
  • Marty introduced his friend, Jean Marc, who is filling out his application to join us.

Andrea Lee is our member spotlight this week. We are glad to have you among us, Andrea!

Barbara Fishman earned her blue badge. Congratulations Barbara!

Thanks for the fall festive eggs Cathie and Randy.

Patti van der Burg talked about United Against Hate, which took place this past Saturday. A good number of LG Rotarians were there and we were one of the sponsors of the event. 3,000 people gathered for a peaceful march as a counterpoint to some of the racist and homophobic graffiti and other recent issues in Los Gatos. We are proud to have been a part.

Happy birthday to all our November birthdays. Henry, Sue, Ensy, Suzanne, Rusell, Janice, Bava Avis, Anjana, Greg, Tonya, Greg, Leroy, & Terri. 

Henry Viktovich reminded us this is the very last week to get your tickets for the Presidents Brunch, our fabulous annual holiday party. We have 100 people signed up so far. Thanks Suzanne for the great video shown last week. It will be a great event and he has some surprises up his sleeve. Don’t miss it. Email him to get your tickets.

Tina Orsini Hartigan introduced the idea of having a cioppino feed added to the WineFest. 10 people raised their hand to express interest in spending more on a ticket price to get a cioppino kit to cook at home. The committee will make a decision.

It’s Rotary Foundation month! Marty Fishman showed a video about the Rotary Foundation and encouraged us to donate this year. Let’s celebrate what we can achieve throughout the world by achieving 100% participation in our club. We are only 25% to our goal. Any amount helps. You can pledge monthly or in one sum. It’s easy. Patti van der Burg, Dan Snyder, and Avis LaGrone all came up to give testimony on how great it is to support this foundation. Contact them with any questions or email Marty with your donation pledge.

Tom Boyce and his wife just moved to the Terraces. He thanked everyone who helped him with the move. 

Hal Rosen had a major leak while he was away that destroyed his home. The recovery and restoration has been hard but he is through the worst of it. He thanks Rotarians for being so supportive.

Mike Frangadakis thanked the 49ers for supporting veterans at the recent game. He got to be one of the 250 to hold the gigantic flag at halftime. He presented a 49er flag to Lisa Cheskin for all her support at Fisher House.

Haryl Pascal recognized all those who come up and donate through 20/20.

Marlon Smith recognized Gordon Levitt who fixed the little free library at his house that had blown over in our recent big windstorm.

There is no meeting next week because of Thanksgiving Week.

The next meeting is our first Tuesday evening social at the home of John and Devonne Pencer.


Guest Speaker. 

Heather Shomaker from the Wheelchair Foundation

The Wheelchair Foundation was started by a local Bay Area man who was asked to bring some wheelchairs to Romania. As he gave one to a man who hadn’t been able to leave his house for years because of a stroke, he was struck by the transformative power a wheelchair has in someone’s life. The Foundation strives to get a free wheelchair for anyone, anywhere who can’t afford one.

The global need is 100 million wheelchairs. In the US they work through Salvation Army and veterans associations. 10% of Americans can’t afford a chair. Internationally the number flips to 90%.They are active in 156 countries.

It costs $150 per wheelchair. A shipping container filled with 280 chairs is $42,000. They work with host Rotarians in the destination country to connect with the right recipients and the right sizes for the right clients. Our district sent some to Mexico City and a Rotary club there helped on that end. 

Our district goal is 3 containers. 1 is already done, for Mexico City. The next one is Monterrey Mexico and the other will go to Serbia. Rotarians can go on a distribution trip and meet the recipients and hear their story and see the difference it makes. Join them! Dates are not set yet but they have space for the next two trips. Go to district website and contact Brenda or Amy on the wheelchair banner. 

The Wheelchair Foundation also has a school program. They go into schools with a full abilities awareness curriculum- to sensitize the kids to be more inclusive. They would love introductions to our local schools. 

Heather shared some inspiring stories of chair recipients: Alejandro and Eduardo. This is a way to truly change lives. You can donate on the district website, here