The pledge and guest introductions was led by Kirsten Bridges. Guests included:
  • Marc Allard, Santa Cruz Rotary and Riley Barr’s guest
  • Helene Davis, Cupertino Rotary and Tina Orsi-Hartigan’s guest
  • Gladdy Rabitz, Art’s wife
  • Gary Collins and Frank Lawarence, Jeff Barnett’s neighbor
  • Jay Quincy, David Karwowski’s friend
  • Richard Bobus, John Colwell’s friend and ex-doctor
  • Joe, Maddie Smith’s friend and potential new member
  • Lydia Rosen, Hal’s wife
  • Colin Hartigan, Tina Orsi-Hartigan’s son
Inspiration was led by Henry Vitkovich. He encouraged all to be a kid again and have some fun.
There was  a large birthday group celebrating November birthdays.
Andrew Stearns led the nominating committee selection process. After votes were tallied, 10 Rotarians were chosen, which will be whittled down to the final committee of 5 during next week’s voting.
  • Tina Orsi-Hartigan
  • Haryl PAscal
  • Marlon Smith
  • John Colwell
  • Doug Brent
  • Andrew Howard
  • Nicholas Welzenbach
  • Patti van der Burg
  • Art Rabitz
  • Amy Potts
President Marty Fishman updated all on the Rotary Foundation giving goals, and showed an inspiring video on how funds are used on global projects.
CrabFest is looking for sponsors and donations. See Patti van der Burg if you can help.
Suzanne Boxer-Gassman showed a video of the club’s Rebuild Together Day, highlighting the hard work, fun and camaraderie that was had in fixing up a home for a senior last  month.
Tina Orsi-Hartigan announced the blanket making event coming up next week Nov 14 2:00 with the Interactors.
First Thursday is this week at Patti and Erik van der Burg’s house. Note new time is 5:30-7:30. The beer tap will be flowing. Come for a good time! Address is 16417 Peacock Lane, Los Gatos
St Luke’s Brunch will be Nov 12. See Tina if you have a dish you want to bring.
Mike Norcia announced the Fall Fundraiser, benefitting Lucille Packard Children’s Hospital, is Dec 20 and will be the Star Wars Premier at Los Gatos Theater at 5:45. See Tina for tickets soon as they may sell out. Tickets are $45 ea, and you can sponsor a family from Fisher House to see the movie. There will be a costume contest with a $100 prize!
Computer History Museum free tickets are available. Email speaker Dag Spicer
Get tickets for the cheery President’s Brunch Dec 1 10:00am at La Rinconada. It’s  a delicious gourmet brunch buffet, with Tony James emcee and a highly talented Renaissance Choral Group. Thanks to Tom Boyce for organizing.
New Member Russel Couch was officially welcomed to the club.
Next week’s speaker is Alan Feinberg, local historian.
Today’s speaker was our own new Rotarian David Wells, retired CFO of Netflix. He was introduced by Hal Rosen. He discussed the future of streaming. He began with the history of video, including broadcast TV with antennas and ads and 4 networks, moving on to cable companies which had regional monopolies with ads and fees, then finally with the internet. This brings up issues of net neutrality, pay per view, privacy. See attached slides for more detail. There were many questions from the engaged attendees.
The meeting was adjourned.