Meeting Minutes for Tuesday, October 11, 2022
Meeting began at 12:30 called to order by Mike Norcia
Pledge: The Smith Brothers
Inspiration: John Pencer.  The theme was persistence and perseverance. Some sayings:
Redirection usually leads to something better. Failing 19 times leads to success on the 20th try. Coming up with a win out of what seems certain failure.
Visiting Guests: Paul Johnson introduced Sarah Tellez, Assistant Superintendent of the Los Gatos Elementary District, Matt Mullikin, IT Systems Manager for the District, Jenna Mittleman, Principal at Daves Avenue, Rick Rauscher, Principal at Van Meter, and Paul Brennan, Assistant Principal at Fisher. Larry Jinks introduced his cousin Frederike Kieboom, who is visiting from Europe.
Jean- Marc Blanchard: shared the Rotary banner he received while visiting a rotary meeting in Athens, Greece. He also showed us the beautiful plate he received from the meeting,
Goodbye to Maddie Smith: this is Maddie’s last meeting. She will be moving to Colorado. She has been a very productive member of our club and she will be missed.
President’s Brunch: Henry shared that the brunch will be held on Sunday, December 4 from 10am-1pm at Cinnebar Golf Clubhouse. The cost is $60 per guest. There will be brunch, champagne, entertainment and prizes.
Fall Fundraiser: Jean-Marc shared that the fundraiser will be held on November 12 at 7:30ish pm. At the Cineluxe Theatres in Campbell. The movie will be Black Panther: Wakanda Forever and the money will support Lighting for Literacy. Price to be decided.
Avenue of Service: Saturday, Oct. 15 from 9:00am-2:30pm at Mission College in Santa Clara. Highly recommend this to see local and global projects. All members are welcome.
Girl Scouts Service Day: 10am-2pm at Hidden Falls in Soquel. This will be a camp work party. Questions, contact Avis at 408-838-2577.

30 for 30:

Mike donated $100 in honor of Michelle Myers-Nelson who ran the two meetings he missed.
 Sue Heller donated $30 to announce her upcoming concert with the Fun Time 
Singers. Concert is on Dec. 3 and 4 at Shir Hadash. Contact Sue if you want     tickets.
Nicholas donated $30 in honor of Campbell Veterans Memorial Foundation.         They will have a scholastic fundraiser on Nov. 11 5:30-9:30pm at Villa Ragusa in Campbell.
In honor of Maddie, Patti van der Burg and Kirsten Bridges both donated $30. 
Meghan Burton donated $55 in honor of her trip to Scotland and Ireland, where she celebrated her 55th birthday.
Margaret Smith donated $30 in honor of Maddie and another $30 for her oldest granddaughter who was visiting with a new nose piercing that she was nervous to show her grandmother.
Canan Sonuk donated $100 for her son coming home on vacation from the Marines.
Andrew Howard and Nicholas W. each donated $30 for their joint family vacation.
Tina Orsi Hartigan donated $100 in honor of her family trip to Italy.
Mike Norcia gave $30 in gratitude for Paul Christensen, who is taking over the Great Race.


The Union Middle School Jazz Combo performed. The UMS Jazz combo is made up of several talented 8th grade musicians. Harrison Huang leads most of the rehearsals and plays alto sax, Eric Wu is the drummer, Joel Foreman plays bass and sometimes keyboard, Zach Lee plays the piano and keyboard, Tina Lovre plays electric guitar and Aryan Mohanty plays tenor sax. The director for 24 years is Chris Kay.
The UMS Music program has over 200 students, 5 band classes, an after school choir, after school percussion club, and the after school jazz combo. Mr. Kay, the director, teaches beginning band, intermediate band, two jazz bands and the symphonic band, which travels and performs as the departments showcase group.
Doug Brent: announced that the nominating committee ballots will be coming out starting next week.
Michelle Myers- Nelson held the flower raffle: Winners were, Jeff Barnett, guest Sarah Tellez, Grady Jeter and Patti van der Burg.
Mike adjourned the meeting at 1:30pm