The meeting was brought to order by Club President, Nicholas Welzenbach at 12:30pm.
The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Rachelle Lopp.
Our Inspiration was provided by Erika Buck. Erika read an excerpt from her book, “100 ways to Calm” about walking mindfully.
There were no visiting Rotarians.
We had many guests including, Jean-Marc Blanchard, guest of Mike Norcia and the following guests from the Los Gatos Union School District:
Jenna Mittleman - Principal, Daves Avenue Elementary
Rick Rauscher - Principal, Louise Van Meter Elementary
Jason Deppong - Principal, Lexington Elementary 
Lisa Reynolds - Principal, Blossom Hill Elementary
Mary Lonhart - Principal, Fisher Middle School
Clare Vickers - Assistant Principal, Fisher Middle School
Karen Briones - Communications Coordinator, District Office
Sarah Tellez - Administrator, District Office
Michelle Strachan - Executive Assistant, District Office


Many thanks to Lisa Norcia-Cheskin for switching up the lunch food at the last minute. Panera could not provide our usual lunch due to consequences resulting from the recent rainstorm-induced power outage so she ordered cheese pizza from Round Table Pizza for everyone. 
Our song of the week, “I Can See Clearly Now” by Johnny Nash, was suggested by Paul Johnson. 
Paul Yeadon received his Red Badge and was welcomed by Mike Norcia.
The October Rotarian Anniversaries were announced by Nicholas Welzenbach.
Henry Vitkovich reminded everyone to sign up for the Presidents Brunch which will be held at the Cinnabar Hills Golf Club on Sunday, December 5. If you would like to purchase tickets, please contact Henry.
David Hubbard announced the 10 members nominated to participate on the Nominations Committee. The list will now be pared down further to create the Committee. The 10 are: Carol Abela, Gregg Butterfield, Patti van der Burg, Ron Cassel, Barry Cheskin, Tina Orsi-Hartigan, David Karwowski, Rachelle Lopp, Michelle Myers Nelson and Mike Norcia.
Our Rebuilding Together community service project was held last Saturday, October 23. It was a huge success with many Rotarians, high school students and middle school students helping out. A big thank you to Rachelle Lopp for organizing, Suzanne Boxer-Gassman for securing the funding and  Anjana Bose and Terri Trotter for helping the day run smoothly. 
Our annual CrabFest turned WineFest will be held virtually on January 29, 2022 at 5pm. Since it will be virtual, you can invite friends from near and far to participate in the online auction. 


David Wells spoke about the importance of supporting Measure B which is on the upcoming November Ballot. Measure B will renew critical funding for the Los Gatos Union School District.
Dan Snyder honored David Wells for his work on the Measure B Campaign even though David no longer has a student in the District. Dan also made an additional donation for accidentally hitting the globe instead of the bell with the mallet! 
Tina Orsi-Hartigan announced that she and her husband just got back from a trip to Chicago where her husband had the opportunity to officiate his second wedding.
Next Tuesday’s Happy Hour will be held at the home of Randy Cobb from 5:30pm – 7:30pm.
Paul Johnson, fellow Los Gatos Rotarian and Superintendent of the Los Gatos Union School District shared about the District’s commitment to include ‘Service Above Self’ into their Mission. We broke into small groups to brainstorm with the District representatives about ways to incorporate this into school activities and service projects at the classroom, grade level, school and District levels.
While this brainstorming was occurring, we also performed a Service Project for Operation Care & Comfort. Our members organized donated socks to be included in care packages that will be sent to members of our US Armed Forces.
Vice President, Lisa Norcia-Cheskin adjourned the meeting at 1:30pm.