New member Rachelle Lopp led the pledge and introduced guests. Gordon Levin introduced Teresa and Victor, potential new members that attended 1st Thursday at his house. Nicholas Welzenbach introduced Dell Gilliam, who is checking out our club.
Dan Snyder led inspiration by noting the timing is good to help our Rise Against Hunger project this Saturday, given all the need in the world this week caused by Hurricane Dorian. He read some funny and thoughtful quotes by Presidents, including from Regan as he was wheeled into surgery “I hope you’re all Republicans”.
President Marty had several announcements:
  • A big thanks to Gordon and Judy Levin for hosting 1st Thursday at their hillside home. A good time was had by all.
  • Uplift Family Services is in need of furniture for a foster home. See Gae La Torre if you can donate any.
  • Palo Alto Vets car show is this Saturday. See Mike Frangadakis if you can help this worthy cause.
  • Rise Against Hunger food-packing project is this Saturday. See Tina Orsi-Hartigan if you can help.
  • Rotary Working Together T shirts are available for $15. Please buy one at the next meeting and wear to events where our club is volunteering.
  • Rebuild Together signup is done online at this link on our club website. Info flyer for the event is attached. Doug Brent and Suzanne Boxer-Grassman have net the recipient in her Los Gatos mobile home, and she is very excited to receive some help. Click here to see flyer.
  • Castle Rock State Park could use volunteers for their grand re-opening 9/27 and 9/28. See their website for info.
  • The Rotary District Business Expo is coming up 10/5. See District website.
  • Next week’s speaker is member Paul Johnson of the LGSU School District. He will review his plan for the coming year for the District, which includes 3000 kids!
  • Tim Lundell (past LG Morning Rotary President and District Governor) lost his wife Penelope recently. Her celebration of life is 9/15.
  • Andrea Lee presented a gift to Angelique Pimentel from the club for her new baby Casey, who was present wearing her signature bow and was an angel.
  • Ed Stahl announced the upcoming Police Benefit. Click here to view flyer.
  • LeRoy Neider gave $20 in honor of the Pimenetel family as a thanks fort the cigar he received in celebration of baby Casey’s arrival.
Dan Snyder and Avis La Grone began the annual campaign for The Rotary Foundation,  which does many worthwhile causes around the globe. Our goal this year is for each member to give at least some amount. Recommended amount is $200, and Avis is challenging members to match her $1000 level, and Dan for his $500 level. They noted a percent will come back for our club to spend locally. They presented Paul Harris Awards for those giving $1000/year. See picture for recipients.
The speaker was Taryn Rosenthal, a Genetics Counselor from Kaiser. She noted she was a recipient of a Rotary scholarship in Wyoming and expressed appreciation. She talked about “Direct to Consumer Genetic Testing:  Friend or Foe?”  Home testing began on a small scale in 1996, and grew much bigger in 2007 with low cost options. 23 and Me is a big provider now, with home kits costing $99. 250 companies provide kits and 12 million kits have been submitted. Results can show potential health risks, some personal traits, heritage, and drug response. Concerns include
-data may not represent the customer individually
-not comprehensive
-raw data is unreliable
-privacy is compromised
A full genetic workup, if recommended by your doctor, would be more through and accurate.
The meeting was adjourned.