Meeting was called to order at 12:30pm by Marty Fishman
Visiting Rotarians
Pledge of Allegiance
Riley Barr
Other Visitors
Jack introduced his friend, Russel
Dan Snyder shared some humorous jokes
Marty Fishman announced:
The Club has raised $25,000 so far for our Rotary Foundation Annual Fund Drive. The donation sign-up sheet was passed around during the meeting for one final time.
Two new polio cases have just been diagnosed in Manila.
Rotary t-shirts are still on sale in the lobby before and after the meetings.
We are still accepting sign-ups for our Rebuilding Together Silicon Valley project scheduled for Saturday, October 19, 2019. It was emphasized that the owner we will be helping this time, is very interested in keeping up the work after the project is complete.
Patti van der Burg announced that we will be supporting Uplift Family Services with a towel drive. All new and gently used towels for the home will be accepted in addition to cash and checks.
Tom Boyce announced a reminder about the Presidents’ Brunch; scheduled for Sunday, December 1, 2019 at the Rinconada Country Club.
A get well card for Lloyd will be sent out.
Clayton Bruntz presented his Biography and then received his Blue Badge.
Erika Buck and Jeffrey Barnett also received their Blue Badges.
Judy Rodriguez announced that she will need to resign as President-elect to focus on caring for her husband. Andrew Stearns has been nominated to fill the position and a vote will be had next week’s meeting.
Barbara Spector, Esq. Los Gatos City Council Member and former Los Gatos Mayor
Barbara focused her talk on three main subjects:
  • By-Right Development and how it affected the development of the North Forty project,
  • Unfunded Liabilities and its impact on the City’s pension program, and
  • Traffic issues in Los Gatos and the attempts the City is making to mitigate the ongoing problems.
She finished by taking many questions/comments, mostly regarding the traffic issues.
Marty thanked Barbara by donating 50 inoculations in her name.
Marty closed the meeting at 1:30pm.