President, Marty Fishman, called the meeting to order at 12:30pm.
Kirsten Bridges led us in the pledge and announced guests.

Guests included:
  • Katherine Greene - a guest of Haryl Pascal's from his real estate office. 
  • Sanjay Khandelwal - a guest of Marlon Smith's who works for Spring Education Group and who is interested in learning more about our club. 
  • "Cathy" - a guest of Randy Cobb's.
Andrea Lee announced September birthdays and anniversaries. Rotarians celebrating September birthdays include Meghan Burton, Gae La Torre, Len Smith, Gary Allison, Paul Christensen, Nicholas Welzenbach, and Dave Karwowski. On the September anniversary list were Gary and Mary Jeter, Rene and Trudy Friedrich, Dan Snyder and Ann Rich, and Preston and Anne Hill.
Announcements were as follows:
  • Uplift Family Services needs furniture and linens for a foster home. Contact Gae La Torre.
  • The Greek still needs volunteers for the VA Car Show at the Palo Alto VA on September 14. Thank you Mike for taking over this activity for Lisa Cheskin.
  • Tina Orsi-Hartigan still needs volunteers for the Rise Against Hunger food packing event also on September 14 at the Los Gatos Methodist Church.
  • Suzanne Boxer-Gassman and Doug Brent are organizing this year's Rebuilding Together event taking place on October 19 in Los Gatos. Sign up on the Rebuilding Together website or follow the link on our club's website.
  • Henry Vitkovich indicated that the club's goal is to move new members from their red badge to blue badge in 90 days. To facilitate this, the membership committee will have a monthly meeting with all red badgers immediately the main meeting to address any issues and assess progress. 
  • Marty Fishman reminded us of new family membership categories. 
  • Rotacare is having their gala at Filoli Gardens on September 19.
  • There is a district leadership meeting on September 11 are 5:45pm in Fremont.
  • There is a Rotary business expo on October 5.
  • First Thursday this month will be at Gordon Levin's home in Los Gatos.
  • The Rotary Foundation Drive starts this month. Our goal is to get every member to make a donation and the overall goal is to raise $25k from our members, in total. Next week, sign up sheets will be passed around.
20 for 20 included:
  • Greg Butterfield with thanks Haryl Pascal and John Colwell for helping out with the Welcome Committee while he was away. NOTE: Haryl countered that he was worth more than $20 and donated an additional $20.
  • Judy Rodriguez announcing that she is heading up an October 24th American Cancer Society Golf Tournament at Villages and is inviting a group of Rotarians to join her this year. Please let her know if you would like to participate. Judy also announced that after playing golf for 40 years, she recently had her first hole in one!
  • Mike Norcia jokingly announced that he is donating the $3 he made at the craps game after last week's BBQ and urged other members who were in the game to do the same. It was then suggested that Mike donate the $3 plus $20 and he agreed.
Today's speaker was Caroline Cocciardi, author of the book Leonardo's Knots.
President, Marty Fishman, adjourned the meeting at 1:30pm.