21 Places to Find New Members

Membership Development

21 Places to Find New Members for Your Club

Membership development and retention is a constant challenge, but requires attention and effort in order to be successful. Finding potential new members for your club is much easier than you think. In your day-to-day activities, simply promote the features and benefits of your club as the opportunity is presented to you. A 30-second commerical is all that you need to capture the attention of your target audience.

Wondering who you should target? Here are 21 kinds of people that can be potential members of your club.  

People You Know

1. Spouses/partners of current members
2.Former members of the club, club secretaries can access a list of former members at rotary.org
3.Program speakers
4.Government employees, city, province/ state or federal
5.Volunteers involved in other organizations, such as United Way and Cancer Society
6.Customers and vendors of current members
7.People who are involved with you in leisure activities (tennis, golf, curling, bridge)
8.People you see in church, synagogue, mosque or temple
9.People with whom you work
10.Your relatives, friends, classmates, and neighbours
11.Fraternity/sorority brothers and sisters
12.Recent retirees
13.People from organizations supported by your Rotary club
    People You Don't Know

    14.Chamber of commerce membership list
    15.City or community directories, residential and business
    16.Parents of Youth Exchange Students
    17.Rotary Foundation Alumni, a list of all known alumni living in your community is available from RI
    18.Classifications not represented in your Club, update your classification list
    19.Promotions that have been announced in the newspaper
    20.People who work in town but live in other communities
    21.People new to the community

      Adapted from previous issue of Membership Matters.

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