The 2022 Roast and Toast was called to order by Past President Andrew Stearns. 
Pledge led by President Elect Mike Norcia. 
We held a moment of silence for Rotarians we lost this year: Richard (Dick) Irion, Leonard
(Len) Smith, Tom O’Donnell, and Lloyd Grant.
Inspiration by John Pencer who shared a story from Earl Nightingale called Acres of Diamonds. The moral of the story was sometimes we go looking for treasures in our life, and they are right in front of us all the time. In his life, Rotary is a treasure and he is so glad to be a part of our club. I think we all agree with you John, thank you for the story.
The program started with a look back on the year in a video by Suzanne Boxer-Gassman. We always enjoy the videos Suzanne puts together reminding us of all we accomplished and how much fun we had during the past year. It seems we especially enjoyed meeting in person again as well as our new meeting location. 
Ron Cassel and Gae La Torre presented member awards.  We had several members who were not able to attend, their awards will be presented at future lunch meetings. 
Certificate of Appreciation:
Kirsten Bridges, Rachelle Lopp
Plaque of Appreciation:
Grady Jeter
Michelle Myers Nelson
Elite (Special Award) Plaque:
John Pencer
Rotarian of the Year:
Suzanne Boxer Gassman
No Roast and Toast would be complete without a skit from the Not Ready for Primetime players. This year’s offering was The Cremation of the Presidency of Nicholas Welzenbach with a special last-minute appearance by Suzanne. Lots of good-natured ribbing about the past year, including the time Nicholas told our speaker, 50 children will be eradicated in his honor and the Gates Foundation will increase it to 150. In all seriousness Nicholas, it was a wonderful year full of change, joy, and much success. Thank you for all you gave us. 
Before we closed the evening out, Nicholas spoke about how much the Rotary Club of Los Gatos means to him.  Next, he presented gifts to the 2021-2022 leadership. He reflected on each person individually and the entire group. He also gave some heartfelt comments to his friend, Past President Andrew Howard, who welcomed him into the club and his life when he first moved to the Los Gatos Rotary. With that he called the meeting to a close, rang the bell for the last time and passed the gavel to Mike Norcia. 
The first social of the New Year will be held at Oak Meadow Park on July 4 from 12:30-2:30. Meet at the beer and wine garden. Contact Mike Norcia if you can volunteer at the beer garden anytime between 10:00-4:00.