Los Gatos, Calif. – December 04, 2012 – Rotary Club of Los Gatos (www.losgatosrotary.org) is pleased to announce the completion of two special world service projects in the Philippines....



Los Gatos, Calif. – December 04, 2012 – Rotary Club of Los Gatos (www.losgatosrotary.org) is pleased to announce the completion of two special world service projects in the Philippines lead by Rotarians Andrew Howard, Ron Cassel and Ed Stahl.  The first project in March 2011 was to provide medical equipment for an ICU and neonatal care facility and the second in November 2012 was to equip a newly rebuilt computer laboratory for Gosi National High School students in Tuguegarao City.


In 2011, the Rotary Club of Los Gatos initiated a project for the Tuguegarao City People’s Hospital located in Cagayan Province, Philippines.  The goal of the project was to provide equipment for the hospital’s neonatal and ICU wards.  After raising $60,000 in donations and matching grants through Rotary International and working closely with Assist International to acquire equipment donated by General Electric, a team of people traveled to Tuguegarao to complete the installation of the needed equipment.  The team included Rotarians Andrew Howard, Ron Cassel and Ed Stahl; Bob Pagett, Charlene Pagett and Ray Schmidt from Assist International; and former Assistant Mayor from the Town of Los Gatos, MarLyn Rassmussen.


The March 2011 installation of hospital equipment included 6 ICU monitors, 6 critical care monitors, an incubator, an EKG machine, an ultrasound, and an anesthesia monitor, in addition to attendant networking and monitoring equipment needed to effectively use the new technology.  By teaming up with Assist International, the Rotary money was able to purchase medical equipment for the hospital valued at approximately $250,000.


After being in Tuguegarao for several days working on the hospital project, the team went on tour to some of the local schools and neighborhoods.   When arriving at Gosi High School, a fire that had started in the night had just been put out – the water from the hoses still dripping off the remaining devastated structure.  The visiting team was informed the science wing with the computer lab had been completely destroyed.  The Rotarians observed the damage and the image before them made a lasting impression.  Especially moved by the disaster, Mr. Cassel dedicated himself to a new project to acquire new computers and re-establish the Gosi High School computer lab.


While in Tuguegarao during their recent trip, the Rotarians revisited the People’s Hospital project to determine its effective usage and that the project had continued sustainability.  This follow-up visit was in conjunction with the refurbishing of the computer laboratory at Gosi High School. 


True to his vow, several months ago, Mr. Cassel returned with Ed Stahl to Tuguegarao.  Ms Dana Bowles, an Information Technology Specialist, from Assist International who was an expert in computer networking, accompanied them.  In the previous 18 months, the Rotary Club of Los Gatos and Assist International collaborated with the Rotary Club of Tuguegarao to help restore the computer lab. that had been burnt down.  By using private donations and other necessary financial support to bring the project to fruition, a rebuilt computer laboratory was completed at Gosi High School.


The computer lab had 15 desktop computers when the Rotary/Assist International team arrived.  Over the next several days, Rotary Club of Los Gatos added 13 more desktop computers and a network server computer along with two printers.  With Ms. Bowles leadership, an Ethernet network communication system was developed that connected the teacher’s server computer with all the student terminals and printers.  Peripheral equipment and supplies including an LCD projector with a screen, a laptop computer for curriculum development by the instructors, dark out curtains, and consumables like paper and printer ink were also supplied to sustain the project.  A state of the art computer lab is now a resource for the Gosi High School students.


“The Rotarians and people of Tuguegarao/Gosi High School, provided us with a loving and caring experience we will never forget,: said Ron Cassel.  “I reflect on all the hospitality they provided as well as their congeniality and desire to please, placing themselves at our disposal to assure the success of this project.” 


“We were the catalyst and worked in conjunction with the Rotary Club of Tuguegarao,” said Ed Stahl.  “Los Gatos Rotary Club brought the technical assistance of networking the computers.  The fact that we were coming by a specific date caused the network to be installed, additional computers to be purchased by our club and the furnishing of the computer lab to be completed.  Dana Bowles with Assist International is one of the best networking people in our area.  As the purchased computers arrived, the operating systems were installed, existing computers were repaired, the network completed, printers installed, an LCD projector and screen were added.  Its probably one of the better computer-teaching labs in the province.”


“There are few events in life where the results match up to the expectations,” said Mr. Cassel.  “It is extremely rare the results exceed expectations – this project exceeded all expectations.”


While the two computer laboratory instructors and most certainly the rest of the staff will receive the benefits of the improved learning environment throughout the school, the students of Gosi High School will be the primary recipients of this effort.  The computers are seen as one of the ways the students will be able to increase their education and have the ability to escape the poverty in which they have grown up.


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