The meeting was convened by Andrew Stearns at 12.30 pm by welcoming everyone.
There were 53 participants at the meeting.
Everyone was Happy and excited to be there.
INSPIRATION was done by Jamie by reading a poem written by her called SUPERHERO
This was dedicated to the fellow Rotarians:
Flying and soring into action 
Lighting fast 
This is the pace that we believe wins the RACE
But that isn’t the case.
It’s the cross-country road race
of BENIFIICALS we choose
We Chase
Its making it fair for all those 
I Can look to this SCREEN
And it defines just what I MEAN
A plan of action, a rhythm And a Pace
It took time to be 
Eradicate a Disease 
From the Human RACE
It’s the YOU, it’s the ME 
It’s Mike Moses that we heard from last WEEK
Take it from the tortoise, and he’s not weak
IT’s the TRUTH
It’s not about the race 
It what you do with that pace. 
Our Greeter was Barbara Fishman who welcomed everyone. We had guests of fellow Rotarians:
  • Hal Rosen’s wife Lydia 
  • Jeff’s partner Lisa
  • Celeste Walker, Marty’s guest from Senator Cortese’s office
  • Margaret Walker, former member returning
  • Michael and Greg, business partners from Los Gatos’ own Embodied Recovery
  • Steve Wymer, Paul Mudgett’s guest
Member Spotlight was on Charles Erekson
Andrew announced the Celebration of life at 2pm on May 2, 2021
Everyone was encouraged to get vaccinated, and the availability of vaccines is high now.

Club Announcements

  • District Training Assembly April 24- May 6 Virtual- everyone is encouraged to participate.
  • Nicholas and Gae talked about the First Thursday on May 6th 2021
    • At Darling Fischer in Campbell. They mentioned one can bring their own food and wine if they want to. Tacos will be available for purchase and Nicholas is providing Corona’s, since we are Cinco de Mayo adjacent.
  • Charities Advisory committee meeting was 6.30 pm on Tuesday. Suzanne encouraged the champions to attend the meeting and champion their cause.
  • Santa Maria Donations -Barbara mentioned the donations are collected at 431 Monterrey Avenue at Dr Fishman’s office. She mentioned that Santa Maria appreciated all the donations they got. They used everything and the unused items found home elsewhere.
  • Roast and Toast on June 29th, 6pm to 9pm . Marty talked about getting dressed fancy and enjoying the evening with positive energy.
    • The event will be at Villa Ragusa Campbell. Tickets for the event are $80, per survey there would be 100 or so guests.
  • Leigh High Interactors have a Fundraising event coming up at Chipotle Campbell on May 1.  Doug will send an email regarding it.
  • St Luke’s Food Volunteers were thanked and special mention was made of the Eggs painted Kentucky Derby style. 

20 for 20

  • Jeff
  • Andrew
  • Suzanne
  • Judy
  • Amy Potts
  • John Pencer
  • Gary Allison
  • Marty Fishman
  • Doug
  • Jeffrey
  • Don McCleve

Paul Mudgett introduced our special guest Steve Wymer, CEO of Boy and Girls Club of Silicon Valley 

Boys and Girls Club has been here for 75 years  Steve made a great presentation bringing to light  the advantaged and disadvantaged in this highly successful Silicon Valley. He mentioned that the under privileged children did not have a sense of belonging. He highlighted their 14 clubs, their reach and the work they so passionately do. The kids get supported with activities, homework and mentoring, among other things. The Boys and Girls club has been doing a wonderful job but they are in need of funds to have a better outreach. They reach 3000 kids out of 60,000 in need in this region. The need is immense considering many communities needs are not met. Kids are our future and it is unfortunate that our system and society leave gaps that are so hard to be filled.