VP Gae La Torre ran the meeting as President Andrew was unavailable due to “work” (something about appearing before a judge?). Patti led the pledge. Suzanne’s inspiration had to do with love, and how to appreciate it in whatever form you have it.
Guests were Josh Selo from Cupertino Rotary and West Valley Community Services, and Marian, Gae’s sister whom Gae will visit next week in Florida. She was by the pool and declined to turn her camera on ha!
This week’s social media member spotlight is on Meghan Burton.
Let Lydia know if you know of a member needing some “We Care” support.
Josh Selo announced the upcoming West valley Community Services fundraiser “Chefs of Compassion”, a virtual gala on March 5 at 6:00pm, where for a ticket you will get a gourmet meal and wine delivered to your door. Tickets at chefsofcompassion.org
Lisa talked about the membership committee’s new effort for members less than 2 yrs in the club, the “New Member Schmooze” Feb 18 5:00-5:30 via Zoom with special speakers and fun to be had. Feel free to join.
Saratoga Rotary is having a fundraiser, where if you order food on DoorDash through March 15, use code SRC21 to give their club 20% towards their charities.
Tina announced March 2 is bring a friend to Rotary meeting day, and she has fun ideas planned. Let her know if you have any ideas for fun additions as well.
Philanthropy forms are due 2/28.
The Second Harvest group volunteer date is 3/1, 2:00-5:30. Register individually at this link as soon as possible to retain slot. Enter your reservation ID: GR-20310
Sign up deadline is 2/23. This will be an activity with Interactors where we will be putting grocery boxes in people’s trunks in a San Jose parking lot. Wear your Rotary hats and shirts if possible.
A UK Rotary club is asking if anyone wants to join their upcoming meeting 2/24 at 11:30pm via Zoom. See Andrew if so.
If you have any ELC participant lists, please forward as they are creating an alumni group.
Leigh Interactors are offering help if you are in need of house or yard chores, or errands. See Avis.
Tina thanked this week’s volunteers who provided food to St Luke’s Homeless Lunch program.

Don’t forget you can attend our weekly meetings from virtually anywhere, even vacation.

Gae announce first Thursday WILL be held March 4 at Sushi Confidential in Campbell, next door to Pres-elect Nicholas’s home/Darling Fischer. Details to come.

20 for 20:

  • Kirsten gave $40 since she is enjoying her daughter and son-in-law visiting
  • Suzanne gave $50 to share an exciting development for Gerry. He thought he had no living relatives, but recently discovered through 23 and me DNA testing that he has several first cousins in the Seattle area, and zoom meetings have commenced!
  • Tom Anthony gave $50 in celebration of his SCU daughter’s first volleyball game since Covid hit, held today
  • Anjana gave $51 in honor of her husband’s 51st birthday this week
  • Sarita announced her first Covid shot! Yay
  • Robert Chaykin celebrated the NASA Rover’s landing on Mars this week, quite a big deal
  • Patti announced late WineFest donations came in, and totals now are $8550 for Raise the Paddle, and over $62,000 profit overall, to go tour philanthropy work. She especially thanked Jamie for her Raise the Paddle presentation, John Colwell for donating 3 weeks of his Tahoe home plus bidding (bringing in nearly $13k total), and Marty Fishman for his enthusiastic sponsorship, donating and bidding (bringing in nearly $8k). The whole-club effort was a grand success, and thanks goes to all!
Club Secretary Doug Brent created a super-fun trivia contest for today’s program. Click here to view. The winner was Marty Fishman, who received a dozen of “one of” the world’s best chocolate chip cookies delivered to his porch. There was much laughter, and some gentle ribbing of Dan Snyder, who seemed to have an issue with each question ha! And of course there were the occasional vocal answers when people thought they were muted.
Next week’s program will be a collection of red-badge bios, always a favorite program.