Meeting was called to order by President Andrew Stearns. Everyone was glad to see Julian Rodriguez. Andrew asked Julian to lead us in the pledge. Great to see you Julian. 
John Pencer entertained and inspired us with several quotes from Abraham Lincoln.
There were no visiting Rotarians. 
  • Patti van der Burg introduced former LG Rotarian Kathy Murtfeldt. Kathy gave us an update on what she has been doing since she moved to the San Diego area. Recently she has extended her SIP bubble to include family who she hadn’t seen in 3 months. She said she is happy and glad to have family nearby.
  • Mike Norcia introduced Tom Anthony. Tom has submitted an application for membership so we’ll all get to know him soon. Welcome Tom!
  • Hal introduced his wife Lydia. Hal mentioned she is a regular guest and maybe he can convince her to join. We would love to have you as an official member Lydia, but in the meantime, we enjoy having you as a guest.
  • Thomas Upton was introduced as a guest, while Irene was on a call. Thanks for joining us Thomas.
  • Tina Orsi-Hartigan introduced her foster kitties who are ready for adoption. Please let Tina know if you know of anyone who might be interested. 
  • Patti introduced her pup Maggie.


  • Club BBQ scheduled for August 25. 
  • Gae La Torre apologized to those who attended second Thursday to find #1 Broadway gone. She had no idea they were closed. People ended up going to various venues in town. Next month will be a picnic at Oak Meadow.
  • Public Service Message: Thank you to Lydia Norcia for sending updated county Covid guidelines.
  • Membership Committee: Thank you to Lisa Cheskin for stepping up as chair. Lisa spoke a bit about the committee and named the members. She also thanked Tina and Marty Fishman for their help this past weekend. 
  • Champions and Philanthropy Recipients: Avis La Grone suggested we have the recipients come speak for a few minutes about their organizations and what they have planned for the money they receive. Now that we are using Zoom it would be easy for them to join us. Andrew mentioned they could speak for a few minutes or they could even be a program. 
  • Family Uplift Services: Back to school backpacks are being put together on August 4 at 2p.m. Contact Gae if you are interested.
  • Mike told us the Firecracker Virtual 5k/10k has been extended to July 19. Go to Santa Cruz Sunrise Firecracker to sign up. 
  • We are continuing to serve at St. Luke’s on Tuesdays. Tina had a good group this morning. Contact her if you are interested.

20 for $20

  • Kirsten Bridges’ daughter eloped in Colorado.
  • Sarita Johnson shared that she was talking to Amy Potts before the Roast and Toast when she mentioned she didn’t feel she could attend. Amy set up Facetime for her so she didn’t have to miss out. Sarita said it was just like being there and she really appreciated Amy’s help. She donated $50 to the Scholarship Fund in Amy’s honor. Amy matched the donation, also to Scholarship. 
  • Sarita mentioned it is her 90th birthday in two days. We all took ourselves off mute and sang an enthusiastic version of Happy Birthday to her. Happy Birthday Sarita!
  • Patti said the Sunshine Committee will be stopping by Sarita’s home on Saturday. If you would like anything including you can leave it on Patti’s porch. 
  • Tina let us know that Los Gatos Rotary made the news! There was an article in the LG weekly about our work with House of Hope and Peninsula Food Runners. 

Our Speaker

The speaker was our own Dr. Marty Fishman. Marty spoke to us about preserving our vision and a variety of conditions that cause vision loss. He explained the various treatments available for conditions such as cataracts, glaucoma, diabetes & retinopathy, diabetic macular edema, macular degeneration (wet/dry) and floaters & light flashes. It was a very interesting presentation. Thank you Marty for stepping in at the last minute. Click here to view the speaker slides from this meeting.

Next week’s speaker

is Keller Rinaudo, CEO of Zipline. Zipline is the largest commercial automated drone system which delivers lifesaving medical supplies to hospitals and health centers on demand.
Click here to view the slides from this meeting.