The meeting was called to order by President Andrew Stearns. 
We were led in the pledge by Kent Cooper. Good to see you Kent.
Guests: Mike Norcia introduced his two guests. This is Tom Anthony’s third visit, his application is in progress. His other guest is Tom Rossmeissl. Welcome!
John Pencer started his inspiration by reflecting on his friendships in Rotary. He read a lovely poem by one of his favorite poets, Edgar Guest, called To A Friend. 


The club BBQ scheduled for August 25 has been cancelled. According to Tina Orsi Hartigan we are unable to prep food or use any of the facilities so it just can’t happen right now.
We will be having the August first Thursday at Oak Meadow so please join us August 6 for some in person, social distancing fun.
Public Service Announcements: John Caldwell reminded us to wear our masks. Wear them to protect others. Thanks John, hope you’re feeling better.
Uplift Family Services backpack assembly is August 4 at 2:00. Gae La Torre has 14 people signed up to volunteer so far. Uplift has told us we will be working in a social distance environment, but if you don’t feel comfortable after you’ve signed up just let Gae know.  Andrew mentioned he was at a meeting with the Sunnyvale club and someone involved in education mentioned programs, such as this one, are more important than ever when the students aren’t going back to school. The backpacks give them a place to put their things and gives them a feeling of being connected to school. Gae also mentioned many of the students from Uplift will still be attending small programs and the backpacks give them a good way to keep their belongings together. 
Virtual Firecracker event ends tonight at 11:59. We have 18 members signed up, we usually just have a couple. Mike will let us know if we took the cup back. Thanks to everyone who signed up.
Tina had lots of people help with St. Luke’s this morning. They are missing part of their core team at St. Luke’s right now so they really need and appreciate our help. We will be helping every Tuesday for the foreseeable future.
A couple people shared an update on the protest. Highway 17 was closed for three hours. 
Dick Konrad looked in on our planter box on N. Santa Cruz and Bachman. He said it looks beautiful, lots of flowers are blooming.

$20 for 20

  • Sarita donated to $100 to scholarship in honor of her birthday. Her grandson started a Zoom call from London and another dozen or so people joined in. Her Western Civilization teacher called and sang happy birthday to her. Patti van der Burg and her husband, Erik, stopped by with cake, balloons, gifts, and conversation. She was “elated” to have been thought of by so many and she’s ready for another 10 years. 
  • Hal Rosen mentioned how much he is enjoying the break out groups before the meeting and gave $50 to the scholarship fund.
  • Tony James donated $52 in honor of his 52nd wedding anniversary.
  • Andrew S. donated $20 in honor of his daughter’s visit home.
  • Andrew S. donated another $20 for his fax machine going off.
  • Dan Snyder gave $60 for three meetings with a beautiful view from Northern Michigan.
  • Mike Frangadakis gave $20 for his grandson.
  • John Pencer gave $20 because he didn’t get sick after rooming with John Caldwell.
  • Don McCleve gave $20 for a successful fishing trip.
  • Nicholas Welzenbach donated $20 in honor of his camping trip celebrating his son’s 6th birthday. The family rented an Airstream and camped four days in Goleta. This is the 3rd time they’ve done this. Lots of fun, but lots of work. 
  • Kirsten Bridges $20 thanks to Dan Snyder for helping with this list.


The speaker, Keller Rinaudo CEO of Zipline, was introduced by Hal Rosen. Zipline’s mission is to provide every human on Earth with instant access to vital medical supplies. Mr. Rinaudo gave us an overview of the company which started as a logistics company with the goal of solving the healthcare system first. They provide on demand delivery of medical supplies from distribution centers around the world. These distribution centers hold the customer’s products which reduces waste since now, for example, a remote hospital can have access to a variety of blood types and blood products without having to store it themselves. The supplies are delivered by autonomous airplanes weighing 40 pounds. This company is doing great things. Thanks to our Program Committee for bringing us another interesting speaker.