Greeter was Jane Marashian.
Meeting was called to order by Gae La Torre, filling in for President Andrew Stearns, who was in court. (yes, there were jokes about bailing him out)
Pledge was led by Sarita Johnson.
Inspiration was Henry Vitkovich. Henry hoped we all took a moment yesterday to think about the veterans we have lost, but what about today? Think about anger, forgiveness, listen to others, volunteer, embrace our differences. To be a strong, secure and safe nation, everyone must feel safe and secure in their homes, their community and their country. 
Prior to the meeting Gae and Mike Norcia were talking about the Memorial Day celebration at Los Gatos Memorial Park. They said it was a wonderful day. Nicholas Welzenbach was the MC and the keynote speaker was Otto Lee. Gae and Mike agreed it was a very moving event.
Gae asked the veterans to raise their hands. Lisa Cheskin read the names of the club veterans:
  • Gary Allison
  • Rob Chaykin
  • Mike Frangadakis
  • Grady Jeter
  • Dick Konrad
  • Art Rabitz
  • Myron Smith
  • Ed Stahl
  • Gordon Levin
Thanks to all who have served.
Guests: Barbara Fishman introduced her guest Bobby Bornstein from West Valley Community Services. Thanks for being here Bobby, hope to see you again soon.
Member spotlight this week is one of our new members Eric Beckstrom.

Don McCleve played Happy Birthday for our June birthdays. 

Birthday celebrants for June are:
  • Eric Eberle
  • George Hall
  • Don Kuehn
  • Edward Bowen
  • Ryan Basham
  • Jane Marashian
  • Haryl Pascal
  • David Wells
  • Lisa Cheskin

Celebrating Rotary anniversaries this month are:

  • Carol Abela
  • Irene Upson
  • Edward Graziani
  • George Hall
  • Andrew Howard
  • Tony James
  • David Karwowski
  • Don Kuehn
  • Avis La Grone
  • Michelle Myers-Nelson
  • Judy Rodriguez
  • Norman Snyder
  • Andrew Stearns
  • AnnMarie Valle
Doug Brent updated us on Leigh High School Interact. The students really stepped up this past year. Some of the things they’ve done this year:
  • Volunteering at Second Harvest Food Bank, two park clean ups, book drive and holiday cards for Rotarians are just a few of the volunteer activities.
  • Fundraising included community and international projects and an E-waste fundraiser. Final numbers aren’t in but they raised around $800 this year.
  • As part of their meetings, they held workshops on topics such as empathy, organization, team building, ways we can help the earth and many more! Great job everyone, we couldn’t be prouder of you.
David Karwowski told us about the recipients of this year’s scholarships. We awarded a total of $45,500 to 21 students from LGHS and LHS. All the committee members agreed they were choosing from a great group of deserving students. The students were again interviewed on Zoom which was easier this year since everyone has been doing this for the past year. It was a difficult year for the graduates but they are excited about the future and getting back to normal. The students really appreciated the scholarships. Los Gatos Rotary really made a difference. Amy Potts added this is one of the most inspiring committees to be on.


  • Marty Fishman reminded us about the Roast & Toast on June 29 5:30-9:00, Villa Regausa. About 71 people have signed up, hurry before we sell out. Signups close in two weeks.
  • First Thursday June 3 5:30-7:30 at Patti van der Burg’s house. Bring wine, appetizer. Thanks for hosting again Patti.
  • Second Harvest Food Bank on July 10, 10:30-2:30. See Patti if you have questions.
  • Barbara is continuing to collection donations for Santa Maria. Drop off at Marty’s office.
  • Sign up for food drop off with House of Hope. Signups are done on Signup Genius.
  • Thanks to all the St. Luke’s volunteers. If you weren’t at the meeting, you missed the picture of Randy Cobb and Kathie Benko’s flag themed eggs.
  • How are we doing without pollinators?
  • Avis reminded us that June is Rotary Fellowship Month. Please make a donation to the Rotary Foundation. It’s been a challenge this year to remind everyone since we aren’t getting together. Please donate, any amount is appreciated.
  • Avis and Jamie told us that the Interactors in Sri Lanka held a virtual exchange. She has recruited a few members to help with mentoring sessions. 
  • Don’t forget, you can sign in to our meetings from anywhere!

20 for 20

John Pencer gave $50 for the great time he had fishing and a couple pictures that were shared. One of the pictures was Carol Abela with his practice paella.
Suzanne Boxer-Gassman gave $20 because it was so great to see Len Smith at the meeting. 
Larry Jinks gave $50 for his 50th wedding anniversary. Congratulations Larry and Claire!
Don McCleve donated $100 in honor of Gregg Butterfield helping him log into the meetings and being such a good friend. 

Our program today was an update on the LG Rotary World Service 2021.

This year we are funding the following programs:
  • Coalition for Effective Democracy South Africa $2,000 T. Boyce
  • Days for Girls Global $2,500 A. Howard
  • KIVA Kenya $2,100 T. Boyce
  • Lamling Vista School (Sahaya Intl) India $3,000 P. van der Burg
  • LGUSD Global $5,400 T. Boyce/ P. Johnson
  • Laoag Sunshine Rotary Philippines $1,500 W. Sadumiano
  • Project Amigo Mexico $4,250 J. & J. Rodriguez
  • Radha Seva India $1,500 A. Bose
  • Shelter Box Global $1,000 L. Grant
  • Vietnam Scholarships Vietnam $5,300 A. La Grone/J. Hekkelman
  • World Connect Global $3,500 D. Wells
These are all great organizations and we enjoyed the overview given by the champions. Unfortunately, there is too much to include here. There are two big announcements I would like to mention. First, Avis and Jamie told us, thanks to our club, they have achieved $100,000 in grants which has been matched. This will allow 600 students to attend school for the year! Second, Judy shared that Project Amigo has been so successful there are plans to replicate it throughout Mexico. Wonderful to see these important programs expand.
If you have any questions about any of the programs, please contact the champion of the project. 

Next week’s program is Mike & Niki’s Honey Company they will speak on Beekeeping in the Valley of the Heart’s Delight.