The meeting started early at 11:30 due to speaker’s schedule. President Marty led the pledge, and there were no guests.
For inspiration Marty shared a PBS StoryCorps video, which was  a 10 year old interviewing his father, whose greatest hope is his son lives with his hands unfolded, not clenched. Sweet and moving for Father’s Day. Click here to view
ATTENTION: Patti van der Burg announced the Bulletin team needs people for the Rotary year starting 7/1. A BIG thank you to last year’s team: Editor AnnMarie, Photographer Ron Cassel, and note takers Kirsten, Lisa, David H, Meghan, and Doug. Notetakers will agree to roughly once every 8 weeks, take meeting notes at a meeting of their choice. We need the bulletin for those that miss the meeting, to make links and info easy for reference, to help recruit new members online, and for our archives.
Note the Los Gatos Lodge will not open until Jan 1, if then, meaning Zoom meetings will likely be with us a long while! Reach out to Rotarians that have not joined via Zoom yet. Marty encouraged us to attend other club meetings via Zoom, including, where Marty gave a Seeing Again Guatemala presentation.
David Karwowski presented the results of the Scholarship Committee annual awards. The fund is nearly $1.5 million, and dividends and interest is used for awards. This year the committee (consistinh of David and Janice Gali and some advisors from past years) gave away $40,000, which was 20 scholarships at $2000 each. Many winners were also involved in RYLA, ELC and/or Interact. Leigh had 8 winners, and LGHS had 12 winners. David noted it was a highly unusual year with no interviews or award ceremonies, and a bit difficult. Some winners overcame difficulties to become outstanding students. Pictures, names and majors of winners were presented.
Covid testing is now more available and free to all. Check the county website for locations and details.
The Polio campaign continues…88 Rotarians committed this year so far, but still a few more to get to go to get 100% participation. Any amount is accepted so consider giving if you haven’t yet.
Tina announced the District Year-End Roast and Toast is 6/27 3-4:30 via Zoom. All are encouraged to join the festivities. Jeff Barnett will receive a training certificate and there will be some surprises.
An extra social event has been added this month with happy hour at Flights’ outdoor tent on Wednesday 6/24 5:30-7:00.
The RI Convention takes place online the week of 6/20. All are encouraged to attend virtually with many interesting presentations.
Next week’s speaker is a fellow Rotarian, Budd MacKenzie, author of “Off the Couch-Into the War for Hearts and Minds”.  Recognized by His Holiness the Dalai Lama, as an “Unsung Hero of Compassion,” Budd MacKenzie has traveled to Afghanistan 20 times over the past seventeen years, and has spoken extensively about his work, observations, and insights concerning the country and its people. His book serves as a call to action for Americans to join in the struggle against poverty and human suffering.
This week’s speaker Ruth Silver Taube was Supervising Attorney for the Workers’ Rights Program at the Santa Clara University School of Law.  Ms. Silver-Taube has provided extensive collaboration with the Vietnamese American Bar Association and the Filipino Bar Association.  She is also the Legal Services Chair for the South Bay coalition to End Human Trafficking, and she has received multiple awards for her work.  She pointed out several myths including that victims do not have to be crossing a border, it happens right here in Silicon Valley, it is not smuggling as it is a crime against a person, and can happen without physical force. Call the national hotline if you suspect anything: 1-888-373-7888
See speaker’s slides for more details.
The meeting was adjourned, with roughly 52 attendees.
Click here to view the slides from todays meeting