We had one guest - Charlie Erickson from Oregon.
Henry Vitkovich gave the inspiration today. Sometimes life deals you blows that can knock you to your knees, but no matter what happens you have to get back up. He also contrasted some of the hard realities of our time with the positive of our space launch, and asked us as Rotarians to remain positive and to move forward.
Marty updated us on our county’s Covid-19 status. At the high-level we are doing great, and have small number of cases.  Testing is available if you feel the need to get tested, and our counties health officer has lifted many of the shelter in place restrictions however he stresses to still wash your hands, wear masks, maintain social distance, and to not cut your hair. ;-)  
We then had a bevy of 20 for 20s.  Too many to fully record, but it was certainly inspiring to see so much generosity.
Andrew Stearns thanked us all for giving him the honor of being president in the middle of a pandemic. He outlined the full chain of command for the club during his  presidency (VP Gae, Secretary Doug B., Rami Asst. Sec, Ed & Dan treasure - Nicholas President elec). Andrew mentioned that if you have not signed up for committees then now is the time and please don’t forget to do that. The committees are listed on ClubRunner and if you go there you can pull up a list of all the committees and what they are doing.  He also thanked Mike Norcia for doing such a good job with the Great Social Distancing race.  
Andrew highlighted that he would like to focus on and be thoughtful about the Strategic Plan. He emphasized that we’re not necessarily geographically limited, and that you could have friends join from different parts of the world if you thought they might be interested in the speaker or presentation.  
He also solicited for more participation in the meetings in the form of 20 for 20, blue badge bios, and perhaps topical history lessons of the club (e.g. how did CrabFest get started).  
He ended with a great quote from a past President Leroy Neider who said of our club:
      Every Rotary Club places service above self, with contributions of money and talent to those in need.  We proudly continue and maintain the Rotary tradition of “Service above Self”.  
      There is, however, more to our Club than a Rotary International charter. Our club is unique because of the heart and spirit of every member and the Club as a whole. The long line of earlier Los Gatos Rotarians developed, nurtured, and bequeathed to us – 
Character and Honor,
Friendship and Goodwill,
Generosity and Service,
Humor and Fun, and
Truthfulness and Fairness.
      From these past Los Gatos Rotarians who gave to us, we give to the present so that the future may inherit our legacy.  
      With boldness in our actions, conviction to our principles, enthusiasm with our spirit, and Service above Self, we dedicate these recording of our Heritage and History to all Los Gatos Rotarians – past, present, and future.