Meeting was called to order by President Andrew Stearn.
Pledge was led by Greg Butterfield.
Doug Brent inspired us with Six Word Stories. It is amazing how so few words can have such an impact.
Some examples he shared with us:
From a travel lover 
Nothing to declare. Much to remember.
Or the Zoom fatigued:
Logged out. Pulled plug. Found life. 
He’s waiting on:
Grandchildren are the proof of immortality.
Here are two Doug wrote for us:
A transforming vision: service above self.
And lastly:
2021, it can’t be worse, right?
Ed Stahl introduced his guest, George Andary. George is a student at Bellarmine. He shared with us how much he has enjoyed doing service work during the pandemic. In addition to working at Second Harvest he set up a space at Ed’s office to help seniors go online to make appointments for vaccinations.

Happy Birthday to the March Rotarians:

  • Linda Lester, March 1
  • John Colwell, March 2
  • Tony James, March 2
  • Don McCleve, March 4
  • Tom Boyce, March 5
  • Erik Beeson, March 9
  • Dan Doore, March 17
  • Paul Mudgett, March 17
  • Patti van der Burg, March 17
  • Ed Graziani, March 20
  • Lisa Mize, March 22
  • Jamie Hekkelman, March 25
  • Clayton Bruntz, March 30
  • Norm Snyder, March 31
Thank you to Andrew Howard and Avis La Grone for being our Rotarians in the spotlight.
Member minute: Lisa Cheskin announced the next New Member Schmooze will be March 18 at 5:00.

Doug and Andrew attended the Rotary Club of Westbourne Charter Anniversary meeting. Doug said although they do somethings that are different, honoring the Queen, we are more alike than different. Doug suggested that we do something similar when we celebrate our 100th year.


  • Champion forms have been turned in. They will be reviewed and sent to the appropriate committee.
  • Saratoga Rotary Club is doing a fundraiser with Door Dash.
  • West Valley Community Services 10th Annual Chefs of Compassion is March 5.
  • March is Water and Sanitation Month, you can google to some of the international projects that are going on.
  • First Thursday is back! We’ll meet at Sushi Confidential in Campbell 5:30-7:30. RSVP to Nicholas Welzenbach.
  • Patti thanked the 12 people who worked at Second Harvest Food Bank yesterday. It was physically hard but they had lots of fun.
  • Leigh HS Interact Club is looking to help out local residents.
  • Next week’s background challenge is your favorite college mascot.
  • Tina Orsi-Hartigan had a very nice letter from St. Luke’s pantry coordinator thanking us for really stepping up during the pandemic. She told us we have helped them when the needed it most. Thanks to everyone who has been participating. Special shout out to Randy Cobb and Kathie for their beautifully decorated eggs. 
  • Don’t forget, you can sign into our meetings from anywhere in the world.


20 for 20:

  • President Andrew fined Randy Cobb for his cat’s appearance. 
  • Greg Butterfield and Don McCleve both donated $20 for John Cowell’s birthday he brought both of them into the club.
  • President Andrew thanked Marjorie Brent for the cookies. 
  • Jeff Blum donated $50 for feeling so welcome to the club. He mentioned Tina and Lisa Cheskin in particular. 
  • Paul Christensen $20 for John C. and $20 for his covid shot.
  • Ed Stahl $50 for his visitor Andray. He mentioned Andray is looking for an internship in business/accounting.
  • John Pencer gave $20 in honor John Cowell’s birthday. John has been a fishing mentor of his.
  • Sarita Johnson gave $20 in honor of the longtime friendship with John C. and for his birthday.
  • Gary Allison gave $20 for John’s birthday. John was his sponsor and his ski buddy.
  • Marlon Smith gave $100 for John’s birthday.
  • Greg Smith gave $20 for John’s birthday.
  • Tom Boyce gave $20 for Lloyd Grant’s horse race.
  • Hal Rosen gave for John’s birthday.


Today’s program was “Bring a guest to Rotary.” Tina started with a slide show highlighting a year of Rotary. This included our fundraisers, service projects, and philanthropies. The presentation really showcased how we’ve been able to “evolve” during the pandemic. Tina really gave our guests a clear idea of what it means to be a Los Gatos Rotarian. After the slide show each Rotarian introduced their guest. The guests told us a bit about themselves and answered the question, what is a positive thing that has happened to you during the pandemic?
  • Ed Stahl, guest George Andary. George said he has been able to perform a lot of community service and spend time with his family.
  • Tina Orsi-Hartigan, guest Phil Couchee. Phil is a former LG Rotarian now in the Gilroy club. Phil had successful cancer treatment. His daughter had to cancel her wedding, she and fiancée bought and remodeled a home instead.
  • Terri Trotter, guest Tom Beck. Tom is very involved at St. Mary’s Church. Tom’s son moved home and they have been able to spend a lot of time together.
  • Barry Cheskin, guest Rob Rennie. Rob is a Morning Rotarian and on our town council.  He is running for County Supervisor. Quarantine has given him time to attend a lot of meetings without having to commute.
  • John Pencer, guest Rob Hermanson. Rob was with North SJ Rotary for 26 years. Rob’s mother-in-law passed away last year and they weren’t able to honor her life. This summer the family got together to celebrate her and go camping for several days. It was great to be together and enjoy the time outdoors.
  • Andrew Stearn, guest Chris Ray, with the Sereno Group. Chris got to spend time with his new blended family and getting to know all the kids as adults. He also learned how to cook.
  • Tom Boyce, guest Eric Beckstrom. Eric is an architect and looking for volunteer opportunities. He’s enjoyed keeping busy, but he is very aware of those who have suffered during the pandemic. 
  • Lisa Cheskin, guest Janice Benjamin. Janice is retired. She has enjoyed getting to know her neighbors and seeing parents who can spend more time with their kids now that everyone is home. 
  • Judy Rodriguez, guest Vivian Brown. Vivian is retired from Intel. She has 4 kids, 21 grandkids. She is a volunteer with Hospice of the Valley. She has enjoyed having time to relax and not feel like she always has to be doing something “valuable”.
  • Andrew Howard, guest Brad Lear. When the schools closed, they signed the kids up for independent study and travelled the country in an RV. They went to 38 states.
  • Megan Burton, guest Leanne Johnson has been a community volunteer for the past 15 years. She enjoyed spending more time with her 19 & 21 year while they did college from home.
  • Doug Brent, guest Marjorie Brent. Marjorie has been grateful for all she has.

Great program Tina, it was enjoyed by members and guests alike.